Planet Algol

Planet Algol is Blair's weird science fantasy campaign inspired by such things as Flash Gordon, Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal, Barbarella, Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa, Gabor Lux's Fomalhaut, John Carter of Mars, Clark Ashton Smith, Lin Carter, Gene Wolfe's Post-Historical fiction, Mike Grell's The Warlord comic book, and many, many more.


An Earth-like planet orbiting the 3 suns of the Beta Persei system. Compared to Earth, Algol has: Lower gravity. Denser atmosphere. Smaller oceans. A very much slower, or nonexistent rate of continental drift. A much thicker crust that is honeycombed with tunnels and massive chambers, both natural and artificial. 3 moons: ninev, zhoxx and thoggyu.

Algol has regions that differ wildly with the rest of the planet regarding gravity, atmosphere (or the presence thereof!), seasons, weather, radiation, and other factors. Much of this seems to be the legacy of a planet-wide cataclysmic conflict, which seems to have ruined or warped much of the world rendering a sizable portion of the surface into wasteland.

Algol is much older than Earth, and has had life and intelligent inhabitants for far longer. Over the billions of years, many races and civilizations, both native and alien, have inhabited Algol, leaving the legacy of their sorcery and science scattered across the planet. Many of the alien races that have inhabited Algol brought flora and fauna from their home worlds or dimensions.

Over billions of years many strange varieties of life have arose on the world, many the result of the strange energies and radiations of the planet or the experimentation of ancients, scientists and sorcerers.

Earth plant and animal species, not only from the present but from every era of the planet, exist on Algol, such as trilobites, dinosaurs, smilodons and humans. Over the millennia in the weird environments of Algol many of those species have developed along strange evolutionary paths as well and there are many different races of man that are, despite being wholly human, are radically different in appearance to Earth men, possessing strange coloration or features such as crests, webbed digits, scaled skin, or other such things strange to our earth sensibilities.

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