96: Plague Cult Debacle


21 June 2012 at Waves.


Ranndy Serpenthelm
Runty the Halfling


Ranndy and Runty raid the underground lair of a remote cult in the frozen north. In the process, Ranndy is kidnapped and Runty barely manages to rescue him and the clothes on his back.

Some Stuff Happened

They went to a tower. The centaurs told them it was forbidden. They went to a ruined palace. In the basement they met some cultists. Some cultists got fucked up. Ranndy and Runty found a secret door with a library behind it. A wererat with a fancy helmet got fucked up. There was a fight with some more cultists and some more wererats. Two horses in the library caused a ruckus. Cause Fear and Hold Person were used liberally, and liberally resisted.

Some More Stuff Happened

Ranndy Serpenthelm, paralyzed, tried to escape using his ring of telekinesis, but was captured by ambushing wererats. Runty valiantly cut his way through enemies (okay, one enemy) in order to demand Ranndy's return. The high priest allowed Runty to leave with Ranndy's paralyzed but as-yet-undiseased body and a few clothes, but demanded they return with 5,000gp within the month.

Total Losses/Loot

I forgot aboyt xp after the game. The number will go here at some point.

DM was johnstone.

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