Algol 01: Penetrating the Voluptuary

This session of Planet Algol was played on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010, at Waves on Broadway.


Forbolosh, a Zhaxxi assassin.
A brown man, who runs three card monte.
A nire witch.

Agog Mah Gog

Our heroes are lounging about the Xenon District of Agog city, capital of the Agogi culture. While the brown man runs his three card monte for spare change, an Agogi Man in a metallic blue cloak looks on, and then approaches…

The Deal

A mysterious Agogi declares that he represents a mysterious employer who wishes to hire some adventurous types to retrieve a particular piece of art. It is an erotic hepatazon idol called Ecstatic Trembling Within Writhing Tentacles.

Apparently, it resides in the concubinatorium of the Voluptuary Sector, which is itself a dome of amber and violet swirls, hidden behind great walls of purple, blue, and green, topped with the impaled bodies of long-dead trespassers.
This mysterious employer says he knows of a secret entrance, and will hire the three ruffians for a fee of 5,000 gold credits if they can recover the idol. They agree to meet him at the Ivory Somethingorother a few hours later.


The nire witch made it out alone, with only 55xp.

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