William Parsnip

A cagey fighter seeking to free his village from petrification.

William Parsnip joined the ruffians at a fortuitous moment in their exploration of the final level within the hold of Koralgesh. Bolstered by a bountiful boon of greed-inducing glittering gold, he took a shine to his compatriots, in particular Dalamyr who he saved from being drowned by the leviathan in Koralgesh, and Gamgar who shares a similar worldview, and who he admires for his forthrightness.

He originally set out adventuring after seeing his entire town turned to stone statues. He was out chopping wood that day, while his sister, Victoria, was gathering herbs and berries. He raided the towns coffers, splitting the gains with his sibling, and vowing to find a remedy to the situation. After seeing her safely to a nearby city, he dallied a while, to ensure she got on her feet. She took up with the local alchemical school to research a cure through that route, while he knew his path to be less than cerebral.

Class Fighter
Level 5
Alignment Chaotic
Strength 13 (+1)
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 8 (-1)
Dexterity 8 (-1)
Constitution 16 (+2)
Charisma 11
THAC0 17 (Sword 15/Crossbow 18)
AC 4/3(shield)
Hit Points 28
Points 20381 (+5%)
Treasure 5379gp 5sp 6cp

Equipment (battle)

  • Full plate & shield adorned with dragon skin
  • a cape of dragon skin
  • Hawk Head Sword (1d8 / +1 thtd)
  • crossbow 1d6 (bolts 60), (silver 5)
  • oil (12)
  • carrion crawler paralytic (5 flasks)
  • pole arm
  • net

Equipment (magic)

  • non burning lamp
  • runic silver ring
  • anti-magic dog collar (on Spike)
  • magic robo-history book
  • black spherical pendant worn beneath his armour
  • holy water (6)
  • potion of levitate
  • 9 stones from Quasqueton
  • scroll of web (held in trust, awaiting transcription)

Equipment (loaned to retainers)

  • sword 1d8 (2)
  • net (2)
  • shield (2)
  • xbow (2) 60bolts/ea
  • torches (6), tinder
  • oil lamp
  • javelins (3)
  • 10' pole
  • backpack

Equipment (utility)

  • 15' boards (3)
  • rope, grappling hook
  • horse saddle bags, std rations (2), iron rations (5), book of plants (2, 1 poisonous, 1 elvish), trip wire alarms (3), waterskin (3), wineskin (1)
  • fine copper wire
  • Hacksaw, chisel, hammer, crowbar
  • Spikes (12)
  • wolfsbane (4), feverfew(10), spiderwort(10), yarrow(10), rue(10), garlic(10)
  • backpack

Equipment (stash)

  • Carpets: ornate; regular; moldy w/3' font hole
  • Paintings: Koralgesh Sea, Landscape from Quasqueton
  • pewter plates (200 gp), pitcher, mugs
  • gold candlesticks (2x50gp)
  • gold & silver thread (30gp)
  • silver belt & pearl buckle (250 gp)
  • hard candy (barrel)
  • salt pork(barrel)
  • ale (barrel)
  • Coded notebook from Quasqueton
  • Book on weather, coded
  • History of Black Peaks
  • Encoded papers (found with letter opener in Quasqueton)
  • Vials of grave dust, zombie thread
  • Dragon skin (half bolt)
  • papers, historical records and deeds found in the tomb of the red mummy

Equipment (animals)

  • Greased Lightening (riding horse)
  • Spike (attack dog with obsidian anti-magic collar) bite 2d4. move 180'(60'), AC 6, HP 11
  • Rex III HP 7
  • Rex II HP 11

Adventures: 24: Bed, Bath, and Beyond... in Koralgesh!, 25: Into The Vault, 27: Owl Quest, 28: Thieves of the Old City, 29: The Doppelganger Effect

Current retainer(s): Mulyx, Ussil

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