27: Owl Quest

Real World Info

This session was played on April 25, 2010,

Dalamyr the retainerless.
Viktor and his newly hired retainer Zogar the grass-skirted.
William Parsnip, who brought along Dave Grigger the grave digger and Wainscotting the burdened.
Feralion and the retainers Grimantha the dwarfess and Helvetica the she-elf.


Our intrepid adventurers join Dalamyr in a quest to sanctify a desecrated church of the Owl God.

I. Dream Quest of Dalamyr

Back in Threshold, Dalamyr spends a fitful night dreaming of a Temple of Strixus the Owl God. The dream starts out bucolic but quickly descends into a nightmarish image of evil and desecration.


Dalamyr visits Edea the Priestess of Travel who tells him that there is an old temple to the South that was built over 200 years ago. She directs him to Nevernot, a former denizen of the nearby town Saltmarsh who is working at the tavern L'Oeuf Vert, confirms that there was a town called Yew abandoned about 200 years ago with a temple to the owl god. The area is couple of days journey to the southeast.

The party gathers and pledges support for Dalamyr and his quest to find the old temple. Supplies are bought and the purchase price of a wagon and 2 draft horses is split between Viktor and Dalamyr.

Other than a broken wheel, the journey to Yew is uneventful. Parsnips comes across some spoor and hairs whilst scouting ahead. He leads the party up a hill toward some abandoned buildings - the town of Yew!

II. Baboons!


Three rock baboons attack the party from behind an outcropping and pelt Dalamyr in the head with a rock. Helvetica returns bow fire taking out the eye of a baboon. The monkeys flee.

Our party approaches a graveyard next to the Owl Temple meeting heavy baboon activity. Viktor and Feralion take down a couple of the apes with their bows and the rest flee into the church through the slightly open front door.

A pitched battle ensues in the entryway to the church with heavy damage being meted out on both sides. Ultimately the remaining baboons flee the church through smashed windows.

The church layout consists of two large rooms and an extensive nave to the rear. One room contains a chest and some giant beetles! Flaming arrows soon take care of the buggers but not before Dave Grigger and Zogar have their lives snuffed out by beetle mandibles. A good haul of loot from the chest softens the blow of their death.

II. Down to the Dark…and a Death

A search of the rest of the church reveals nothing other than a large statue with Topaz eyes. However, a secret door is found behind the stature and the group moves forward down the stairs. As they move downward there is a palpable sense of evilnessiness emanating. Feralion sneakily remains behind to try prying out the gems from the statue bringing the damn thing to life. He flees down the passage which is too small for the creature.

At a landing at the bottom of the stairs Dalamyr, in the lead is blasted by a bolt of blue light emanating from the floor and reducing him and all his worldly possessions to naught but a waft of burnt flesh. RIP!


Out of respect, the party carries on searching passageways, entering rooms and looking for secret doors. A carrion crawler is encountered and dispatched. Another room has a shiny brass footlocker that fortunately is pried open with a 10' pole releasing an dully transparent, oozing creature. Arrows from the party quickly kill that one.

The fellowship rests.

III. Total losses/loot

A carrion crawler,
4 oil beetles
7 adult male rock baboons
gray ooze

400 gold pieces and 600 sp were recovered,
along with a gem and some robes and a headdress
Drago's Arcane Scroll
and a black onyx scimitar (Feralion?)

Zogar was killed, as was Dave Grigger.

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