95: Oramor Hollyoak and the Cursed Lair of the Rat Cult


7 June 2012 at The Grind.


Oramor Hollyoak's Band of Merry Adventurers:

Oramor Hollyoak - Norther Noble and Adventurer
Boy - Oramor's Faithful Squire
Veranna - Lady Adventurer and former Current Lady of the Night
Dick Van Dyck - Wonderous Boy Adventurer and Chimney Sweep
Holly and Oak - Oramor's Faithful Hounds
Holga - Oramor's Sorcerer Retainer
Ranndy Serpenthelm - Faithful Man at Arms to the Hollyoaks


Oramor's faithful retainers Holga and Ranndy Serpenthelm meet him at the Inn and warn him of a wicked rat cult threatening the people of the north. As a brave member of the Hollyoak Family, he sets out with his merry band of adventurers to defeat the wicked rat cultists.

Upon entering the rat temple, Oramor using the time tested dungeoneering method of "to the left, to the left" had Dick Van Dyck lead the party into a cavern populated by giant bats. Three of them. Dick Van Dyck was able to distract them by sticking this throat/neck into the mouth of one of the giant bats. Thanks to that timely distraction, Oramor and his band were able to dispatch the remaining bats rather quickly.

Undeterred by Dick Van Dyck's death and frankly less than appreciative of his sacrifice, to the left, to the left, the party went until they happened upon a door. Ranndy spoke to a ratman/cultist on the other side of said door and due to a mixup in password procedure the party was attacked by 12 giant rats and the ratman/cultist himself. Despite battling valiantly Oramor, Veranna, and Holly the Hound passed away from a combination of natural causes and rat bites.

Boy, now the leader was able to rally Ranndy and Holga to defeat the remaining rats. It was at this point he decided to take the party out to regroup. Fortunately they happened across two large armored ogres that Holga and Ranndy seemed to be acquainted with. Boy was a little unsure of having them in the party but Ranndy put him at ease by smashing his head in with his mace, the mighty Nematoda, the Heliotrope Fist of The Purple Worm God.

Holga then set about contacting the purple worm god and asking for reinforcements. And upon Holga and Ranndy the Purple Worm God did smile, or if worms could make expressions, that's what it would have done. Oramor, Veranna, Boy aka Yob and Dick Van Dyck all rose from the dead as undead servants of the Purple Worm. Horay! The band was back together! Despite being again back at the helm, Oramor was unable to really give any commands to the party as he could neither speak nor really express anything other some terror/horror of the excruciating torture that is undeath, it was up to Holga to lead the party back into the depths of the Rat Cult's lair.

After a few quick turns they happened across what was clearly the rat cult's church/cathedral. As it was a holy shrine to the rat god it was of course guarded by….bats, Or sky rats as they have been described by many people never. Also a large Man Bat with horns and a monstrous devil tail. The clearly outclassed Minotaur Man Bat summoned a chaotic warrior to help battle Oramor and his minions.

The Ogres killed the chaos warrior. Holga cast web on 5 bats, turned Dick Van Dyck into a ghoul and then she was paralyzed by one of the other bats. Ranndy and the Ogres killed the Man Bat, but mostly Ranndy and everyone else smited the bats. smitened the bats. -smought the bats. Killed the bats.

Ranndy picked up a chaotic sword which is nice because he only had two magic swords at that point.

Holga then turned Veranna into a ghoul for a very good reason that escapes me now. After that the party found a portal to a spider dimension and threw a dead body into it. Then some of the undead guys fell into a spike pit and re-died. Then Ranndy's Girlfriend/Medusa Head in a Bag, Vanessa, turned 2 ratman/cultist/liars into stone. Then they left. They sent the last remaining undead servant Boy/Yob? to Ormok to use a biological weapon/bag of plague to murder Ormok's Revolutionary Council but the bag didn't have any plague in it, only lies.

Total Losses/Loot

Holly the Hound
Veranna the Whore
Dick Van Dyck the Chimney Sweep


+2 Chaotic Sword of Summoning,
7000 bits of worthless scrap metal (cp)
bag of lies

All PCs received 951xp. Retainers didn't get shit because they all dead.

DM was johnstone.

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