11: The Numminen Hoard

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This session was played on November 11, 2009.

Featuring Gamgar Khazam, Viktor Calanon, Flapgar Trundlebig, Dalamyr the Acolyte, Marrieth the Veteran-Medium and her retainers Apu, Stew, and Klipsan.


Through careful exploration, prescient use of the Charm spell and copious amounts of flaming oil, the party penetrated the lower levels of the dungeon. But after a standoff with minions of The Master, they were forced to take refuge with Yevgeni's former associates while they decide on their next move.

I. Jailbreak

When Gamgar and Viktor realized they could not wait for Sly n' Barry, they decided to enlist further aid. Gamgar brought a Dwarf, Viktor brought an Elf, and they picked up a human cleric at the bar while Marrieth hired retainers. Gamgar introduced them to Yevgeni, and detailed the plan to remove the Dwarven Hoard and split it with the frog cult.

On the way to the mine, our courageous heroes passed the crossroads, where the iron gibbets still held a live man, Klipsan. Klipsan begged for release, and after some small debate, the brave companions set him free. He led them to a magic pond in the woods, which cured his wounds (and Stu's alcoholism!). A sprite appeared and asked for a "donation." Viktor dropped 10gp into the water because he is a gallant and generous elf.

At the mine, Yevgeni preferred the "secret" entrance. Gamgar remembered the frog cult using this entrance before. That's how he got his holy symbol! Others might remember the cultists' useful armour…

II. The Upper Level

Down the hallway there is the room with scaffolding in it. Yevgeni showed everyone a secret passage at the top of the room, leading to level 2 of the dungeon. Yevgeni lead the party to an overlook. He pointed across the underground river and said "That is where the hoard is! Across the river!" Then he lead the party to another passage… but wait!

II. The Cenotaph of Mim

The dwarves decided to leave the treasure they found. But if they reveal it's location here, someone else will take it… Flapgar will be sad, but Gamgar will just have to convince him to move it to a safer location, where dwarves will be able to remember the poor, ill-fated Numminen.

IV. Gamgar's Shortcut

Past the cenotaph, another overlook showed the party a narrow ledge along the rock wall, leading to the other side of the river. Yevgeni lead the party across at first, but at the bend, he asked Gamgar to go first. Gamgar signaled Viktor, in Dwarvish, and Viktor cast Charm Person on Yevgeni. Suddenly, Yevgeni was no longer trying to get Viktor killed! His good will extended limply to Gamgar, and he continued on in front.

Sadly, this did not help Gamgar much when the ledge gave way. While the other members of his mighty fellowship held together by holding a rope, Gamgar fell into the river. He doffed his plate mail, swam to shore, and dragged his belongings behind him. Hooray for grappling hooks! Yevgeni and the rest of the party had to climb down to the beach where Gamgar had washed up. He had arrived first, but at what cost? No more plate mail!

V. Standoff in the Mines

The party then pressed on, through a cave and into the old dwarven mine, avoiding others, and investigating locked doors, until… Gnolls! advancing down a narrow passageway. And well-armoured minions lead by a wizard! Gamgar swiftly laid down a bed of flaming oil to keep the gnolls away, and the party laid down another two lines of oil to keep the cultists away. Gamgar managed to hit one with a flask of oil and then a torch, but then discretion seemed the better part of valour, and when Stu managed to open a locked door, that door was used.

VI. Locked in

Upon entering the locked chamber, the party encountered two frog cultists, the only ones left. They believe Yevgeni has come with reinforcements. How sad for them! But not as sad as the fact that they have not yet found the Dwarven Hoard…

VII. Losses/loot

Miraculously, there were no deaths. Even more miraculously, the party passed on several hundred gold pieces worth of silver jewelry. Gamgar lost his plate mail and used some of his oil. Viktor used up all his oil. Dalamyr lost a perfectly good suit of chain mail to green slime. One cultist was killed.

PCs present who made it out of the dungeon in Session 13 earned 35xp (divided among them).

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