44: Murderous Hangover

This session was played on Monday, August 16th, 2010.


Bonspiel, Priest of Kor and his retainer Holmen.
William Parsnip, his retainer Felix, and his two war dogs.


After taking back Bonspiel's stolen goods from the scoundrels at the Tavern of the West Wind, the adventurers plunder a smugglers' hideout beneath the burned out guardhouse North of Restenford.

Negotiations by Mace, Net, and Dog

When the Magic-Users who run the Tavern of the West Wind attempt to extort 1,500gp from Bonspiel for information leading to his stolen equipment, the priest puts matters into the hands of Kor and brains one of 'em with his mace. Thanks to Parsnip's net and vicious war-dog, the party wins the melee that follows. Bonspiel retrieves his goods from their storeroom, gives the tavern keepers 1,000 to smooth things over, and extracts the promise that Umgax can copy any spells he likes from their spell books.

Door in the Floor

The adventurers take a second look at a stone trap door Parsnip discovered previously in the burned out shell of a guardhouse north of town. They eventually pry it open and descend into a network of caves apparently once used by smugglers. They defeat a number of undead and giant rats by fire, strength of arms and holy might, and retire with a small fortune in gold, gems and magic items.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated 4 skeletons, 2 zombies, 3 ghouls,17 giant rats, 2 tavern keepers/mediums & a house cat. Each PC got 1017gp and 688xp, retainers got 344xp and bupkis (except Holmen who was awarded 107cp for valor).

The party also recovered these items:
Sapphire Medalion
Silver brooch
Elven Boots
Other Ring of Feather Falling

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