Warhammer wielding acolyte of Treshnock, the Snake of the Seven Ways.

Originally found his meal ticket place among the ragtag rogues, in the employ of Parsnip and helping to save children from becoming an Ogre's dinner, in the labrynthine sewer-ways beneath Threshold. Accompanying Parsnip on his return to the Desecrated Owl Temple, he saw his compatriot Wainscotting cut down by the evil shapeshifter, and understood the wisdom of his rather battle averse employer.

Class Cleric
Level 1
Alignment Chaotic
Strength 5 (-2 to attack and damage)
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Constitution 14 (+1 hit point)
Dexterity 6 (-1 to missile attacks, and initiative)
Charisma 9
THAC0 19
AC 6
Hit Points 5
Turn Undead Skeletons 7+, Zombies 9+, Ghouls 11+
Points 636 (174 + 345 + 17 + 100)
Treasure 10gp
Equipment Warhammer, leather armour, shield
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