102: Mission Accomplished


14 April 2014 at Kafka's.


Bonspiel of Kor, cleric.
Thirteen, a halfling.
Jazzhand Tommyknocker, a cripple.


Bonspiel and company drive the shadow of evil from the Mine… unfortunately, it goes to a nearby castle and sacrifices everyone present to summon a Shadow Dragon.

Mission Accomplished

We could argue all day about who sold which cursed statue to what noble, and whether that constitutes guilt by negligence in the summoning of shadow dragons. The point is that the Mine was plagued by shadows, and it is no longer so plagued.

Banished South

The uptight church of Law lacks a certain amount of perspective, so Bonspiel is about to be excommunicated unless he and his friends go south to help out with a possibly simpler problem involving a stolen relic.

Total Losses/Loot

A guy we hired to hold the torch was killed by a shadow snake. Bonspiel tried to save him. Well, retrieve his body.

We got at least 3,000gp a piece for selling the apparently cursed magical statue to the local Count. Some pittance for clearing the mine, barely enough to pay for Bonspiel's finery.

DM was johnstone.

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