Millhouse the Veteran (deceased)

Killed by an orc on an expedition to Koralgesh..

A drunken former soldier employed by Barry Fancypants. Despite his nondescript appearance, Millhouse is an educated man fluent in Elvish and Goblin. He is pleased with his employer so far, ever since Barry gave him —his old set of chain mail platemail and shield looted from the Frog God's acolytes, a sword and a flask of oil.

During an expedition to Koralgesh Millhouse, stalwart companion and protector of the weak, was killed by a wicked orc.

Class Fighter
Title Veteran
Alignment Neutral
Special Foitin', Languages: Elf, Goblin, +1 more
Strength 9
Intelligence 13 (1 extra language)
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 10
Constitution 8 (-1 hp per HD)
Charisma 7
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 2
Points 255
Gold 31gp

Platemail, shield (both with Frog insignia), chainmail, shield, spear, flask of oil (2).

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