14: Massacre Beneath the Keep

Real World Info

This session was played on January 9, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Sly Naptastic & his retainer Feldspar the Neophyte.
Rand Gibblestryfe and his retainer Spamatino the Mercenary.
Eluria and her retainer Dierdre the Street Thug.
Talon and his retainers Ralph the Laborer and Dulschwartz the Dwarven Tradesman.
carparella and her retainer Finotaur the Would-be Halfling Hero.


Adventurers travel to the Temple of Kor to find the secret entrance to the dungeon beneath the fabled Keep of Koralgesh.

I. Frog a la Peche or Peche a la Frog?

At the local tavern, the Frog and Peach, the adventurers are provided with instructions on how to get to the Keep of Koralgesh by the town blacksmith, Stump. Stump claims to be the son of the blacksmith who served the King of Koralgesh, and makes the group promise to bring him back his father's hammer. The group hires retainers and head out the next morning on an unpleasant trip up the snowy volcano.

II. The Temple of Kor

The party suffers mightily from frostbite, and are unnerved by an abandoned camp they find at dusk, set up a couple hours shy of the Temple of Kor. They spend a few hours warming up and press on to the temple.


III. Kor points the way…

At dawn the sun hits a giant amber gem held by a statue of Kor the Sun King and hence shows the way to a secret passage beneath the mountain. The passage leads to a wine cellar in which is laired a giant spider that attacks Rand, just after the group finds a secret cache of armor and weapons emblazoned with the symbol of Kor.

IV. A pretty typical day for a henchman.

Ralph slips into a pool of smelly mud while exploring the Stinky Pool Room.

V. Greedre Diedre

While carparella debates whether to check out a skeleton, Diedre bravely loots the room. The Thief later spreads a rumor that Diedre cut a ring from the finger of the corpse.

VI. Lava, Orcs and Centipedes

The party crosses a lava fissure and shortly thereafter orcs ambush the group and take the lives of Ralph, Finataur and even Rand Gibblestryfe. The group slays the orcs but finds one snivelling orcish runt by the name of Tootung. The captured orc leads them to a room with giant centipedes. The party wastes no time burning them alive with oil.


VII. Total losses/loot

The lava fissure
Giant camouflaged spider 25xp
Orc party 60xp
C.O.U.S.es (centipedes of unusual size) x4 20xp

The Sun Sword, the Sun Mace, Sun Shield and platemail emblazoned with the standard of Kor the Sun King. 25gp, 159sp, 57cp and a gold chain worth 25gp, 2 canary yellow potions that smell of wet hair (believed to be healing).

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