07: Let Sleeping Ogres Die

Real World Info

This session was played on June 19, 2009.

Featuring Twindle Dwelf (Jr.), Tyrel (Pthffft)nus(tweet)stle, big-rock and the retainers Big Red, Teeth, Chas Moustiques, K-k-k-ken and Warthog.


A party of adventurers kill an ogre in his lair, spend the night in the Caves of Chaos and are driven from the area by massing goblins.

I. New cave

The party returns to the Caves of Chaos, but after their dismal luck at the kobold cave, decide to try out one of the entrances on the south side of the ravine. Inside they find a bearskin rug, which they surmise is the bed for something big. In an adjoining chamber, they discover a massive leather bag and a pile of bones. While dragging the bag to the entrance, a stone rolls away from the rear of the cave and an ogre blunders inside.

Chas narrowly avoids being crushed by a mighty swing of its club before Tyrel's Sleep spell brings it crashing to the ground. The party wastes no time slitting its throat and looting the leather bag, which they discover holds a few hundred gold pieces and other coins.

II. Camping out

Feeling exposed, they decide to camp out in the ogre's lair, figuring that the other monsters leave it well alone. The elves manage to rest and study their spells, but before dawn goblins call for the ogre to help them repel some sort of attack. Dwelf attempts to mislead them by speaking goblin, but they are suspicious and try to push aside the stone.

III. Time to go!

The party drives off the goblins with arrows, but lookouts spy more goblins lurking outside the cave, so they decide to high-tail it for Threshold. They flee the ravine, pursued by goblins, who bring down Teeth with a lucky spear toss. Dwelf browbeats K-k-k-ken, the stuttering, useless ex-laborer into retrieving Teeth's sword, for which he is rewarded with iron rations. The party escapes without further casualties.

IV. Total losses/loot

One Big Ogre was killed, along with Teeth, the retainer. After the adventure, the mullet wearing, greedy mercenary Warthog left the party. The party recovered several hundred gold pieces worth of loot, plus a huge piece of cheese.

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