25: Into the Vault

Real World Info:

This session was played on April 9th, 2010.

Cast of Characters:

Viktor the elf
Marrieth the other elf
carter the thief
Dalamyr the Wise
William Parsnip and his ninja retainer, Black Scorpion
Feldspar the wizard, mentee of Sly Naptastic
Helmut von Bonspiel the Korish convert


The final rooms are explored in Koralgesh

I. Map Room & Observatory

The group finds a crystal ball in a wall safe behind a metal shelf, and a statue of Kor that tells the weather.

II. The Thing in the Painting

Disturbing the carpet in the wizard's chamber triggers a monster in a giant painting to come to life. It attacks Parsnip and tries to carry him back into the painting, but the other adventurers slay it. They also burn and otherwise destroy the painting, which causes the three orcs and two ghoulish hobgoblins to come out of it and attack. The two elves charm some of the orcs, and the hobgoblinoids slay both an orc and the ninja before they themselves are slain. In the chest is found elven boots and cloak plus some magic-user scrolls.


III. Illusory Doppelgangers

The door into the wizard's workroom must be chopped open, and when the group enters there is a blinding flash. Some of the party is blinded, while others see their doppelgangers appear from a pentagram in the corner. While some adventurers fight their doppelgangers the other flail about, and Parsnip uses his bow to attack from outside the room. After time it become apparent that the doppelgangers were an illusion and the sight of the group is restored. Some potions are found and some magical red chain mail, plus a bowl that doubles as a magic shield.

IV. The Temple of Kor

When the light shines in through stained glass windows behind the altar of Kor, the wounds of those who have 'heart and courage pure" (as the voice says) are healed.

V. The Treasure of Koralgesh

The charmed orc, "Ughh" is asked to try the door to the treasury and drops dead from a poison needle. This room's closet has a secret door which leads to a strange corridor. The corridor seems 60' long but it is just clever architecture. However when Dalamyr attempts to cross it he finds himself in an anti-gravity trap, presently upside down in a ceiling pit with three animated skeletons. He turns the skeletons and the entire party rig up some rails so they can pass safely through the corridor.

After much to-do the dungeon delvers enter the treasure vault and make off with mad stacks of coins and gems. They work out best how to drag it back into Vineyard and the carousing begins in earnest!


Total Losses/Loot.

Black Scorpion and Ughh died in the dungeon. Each surviving PC earned 1,788gp and 1,888xp.


Magical red chainmail (Viktor)
The bowl shield (Bonspiel)
Crystal Ball of Koralgesh (Feldspar?)
Potion of Healing (???)
Potion of Diminution (Marrieth?)
Elvish boots & cloak (Parsnip?)
Scroll with Phantasmal Force (L2) and Detect Invisibility (L2) - Feldspar
Scroll with Magic Missile (L1 - 3 missiles) and Knock (L2) and Levitate (L2) - Feldspar
Clerical Scroll with Detect Magic (used) and Protection from Evil (L2) - Bonspiel
Clerical Scroll with some other stuff - Dalamyr

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