94: Inside the Iron Beast


24 May 2012 at The Grind.


A-Tor the Flying Eagle
Eli the Unwise
and four other guys, two of whom made it out alive.


Two brave adventurers locate and slay the giant metal dragon, just in time to save the town. Well, most of the town.

This adventure is "Inside the Iron Beast," a one-page dungeon by Daniel Cowan.

First Foray

A scavenger comes and recruits our heroes with news that he has located the giant metal dragon that has been terrorizing the North. They find it resting in a valley and locate a hatch on top of it. Venturing inside they find some goblins, which they kill, of course. One of them is a goblin engineer, working on clockwork automatons. The adventurers manage to slay him before he activates more than one, which they have to fight, but it too is defeated. After finding a room full of lightning, they decided to return to town and come back for the beast later.

Second Foray

When they come back with more hirelings, the beast is on the move. Luckily, they have a grappling hook and they are able to ride it like a sandworm, but not until two of their number are slain by goblin archers. Back inside, they find some human prisoners and a room full of gears. the prisoners are easily freed, but the gears prove too resilient to be destroyed. They find a hatch and descend into the true belly of the beast.

In the Belly of the Beast

After being burned by venting steam pipes and fighting an ogre, our heroes cross a pit of bubbling oil and find the engine room! The head goblin engineer escapes, but the brave company slay his assistants and smash the engine. Unfortunately, the fire elemental begins to break free so they get the hell out of there. The metal dragon is conveniently parked right outside of town, and all the townspeople have fled, so the surviving three adventurers try to hole up and get some rest.

The Most Romantic Red Box Ever

I was sitting at the end of the table, my back to the wall with Graham to my left and Eric to my right, one on each side of the table. But then right between them, directly in front of me not 20 feet away, these two women started blatantly but tenderly making out. Not for very long, but I'll admit I was a bit distracted.

Third Time's the Charm

Unfortunately for our resting heroes, the fire elemental set the town on fire, so they left and went to look back inside the iron beast. The interior was charred and blackened, and some of the inhabitants had escaped the Wrath of the Monster Slayers, but they managed to find some loot anyway.

Total Losses/Loot

Some gems and jewellery and a magic spear, I think.

DM was johnstone.

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