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Think up a Name

Something that summarizes the adventure. Popular choices are names like "Expedition to the Lost Mine" or "Return to Koralgesh". Sometimes the names describe what happened during the session, like "Undead, Undead, Undead" or "Blood for the Blood God". Once you've thought of one, type it into the "Add a new page" box, in the sidebar.


Load the "99: Adventure Title" Template

Either the wiki will say something like "Into the Sewers" doesn't exist, and give you a link to click to edit the page, or it will send you to the edit page directly (it seems to behave unpredictably). The edit page looks like this:


In the shot above, I'm selecting a pulldown menu of templates. Find that menu and select the template called "99: Adventure Title". That will pre-populate the page with a bunch of standard headings for things like a summary, loot/losses and links to the next/previous adventure. Go ahead and start filling in each section.

Edit the Adventure Title

The adventure title will be whatever you named the page (ie "Into the Sewers", etc). Put the session number in front of this, so it'll appear as the title of the page. For example, if you were working on the 80th session in the Black Peaks, you'd change "Into the Sewers" to "80: Into the Sewers".

Real World Info

This is where we put the date the session was played and the names of PCs and retainers who participated. Generally we link the PCs and any surviving retainers.


This is where we put a one- or two-line summary of the session that will be displayed on the Black Peaks Summaries page automatically. It's important to put four equals signs on the lines before and after the summary text (ie "====" without quotes), because that's how the wiki knows those lines are the summary for the session. Here's an example:

Rocks fell, everybody died.

Stuff Happened

The rest of the headings can be whatever you want, but they're usually notable incidents from the session. The amount of detail is up to you, but future generations of adventurers appreciate salient dangers, the location of pit traps and if you're feeling particularly altruistic, treasures that for whatever reason you had to leave behind.

Total Losses/Loot

This is probably the most important part of the summary: a record of who died (sometimes how), what treasure and magic items were recovered, and especially shares of xp and loot per PC and retainer. Without this record, it's hard to remember who got what, when, which sucks because people don't level, magic items are lost to the ether, and surviving retainers don't get stats and a class. Plus it screws up continuity when more than one DM is running games.

We usually link magic items to their pages, too, so the DM can fill in important details for future sessions/DMs.

Prev/Next links

Add a link to the previous adventure page and leave the next link blank. When you're done with the summary, you can click the previous adventure page and add a link to your new summary as its "next" link.

Tag it and you're done!

Tag session summaries with "adventures" so it'll appear on the Black Peaks Summaries page automatically. Tag it with the name of the dungeon so it'll appear on the dungeon page (good for keeping tabs on how cleared, dangerous or rich a dungeon is). And tag it with "black-peaks" so it'll be part of the Black Peaks campaign. (If you're writing a summary for Planet Algol, tag it "planet-algol"… otherwise these instructions are the same.)

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