House Rules


Spend gold pieces to get additional experience in order to level up faster. Our carousing rules are still evolving. Currently using this table for Mishaps.
Source: cr0m, et al.

Character Generation

Use the Moldvay B5-B13 rules as written.

You may re-roll your hit points if they result in 1 or 2 before Constitution modifier.

Here's a guide to the Best Equipment for the money.

Did you know we have a random table for Occupations? Me neither!

Combat Maneuvers

Anything not covered in the combat rules or the house rules follows the "There's always a chance rules" on B60.
Source: johnstone.

Critical Hits

A natural 20 roll results in a d20 roll on a critical hit table, which will result in additional effects.
Source: thickets.

Elves' Beginning Spells

An elf starts with one spell in his or her spell book, player's choice.


We don't typically use the encumbrance rules, except for slowed movement due to armour.
Source: Group consensus.

Experience for Retainers

Retainers earn a half-share of experience points out of the total, instead of earning a full share before it is cut in half. Disregard the example on B22.
Source: Group consensus (traditional).


It is up to the DM to keep track of turns and to require a party to rest. The DM will determine the frequency of wandering monster checks.
Source: Practice.

Hiring Retainers

It costs 1gp (or more) to advertise your need for retainers, if there is no specific location where prospective hirelings can be found. This typically produces 1d4 interested prospects, at the DM's discretion. The prices demanded by retainers are included in each location's wiki page. There is a list of Hireling Generators to make the process of hiring retainers easier.
Source: cr0m.
Pre-generated hirelings may be available at certain locations.
Source: thickets, johnstone.

Hit Dice

When you level, you may re-roll your extra hit points if you roll a 1.
Source: Group consensus?

Magic-Users' Spells

Starting Magic-User Spells: A level 1 magic-user starts with three spells in his or her spell book: one from the offensive list, one from the defensive list, and one from the utility list.
Source: New York Red Box.

Maintenance Between Adventures

Between adventures, characters require room and board. Every day spent in town costs a character 1gp in food, lodging, research, tithing, boozing and other vices.

If your character runs out of funds between adventures, he sleeps rough. Roll 2d6:

2 sick, hungry or beaten lose 1hp per HD
3-4 weapon stolen random
5-6 equipment stolen random
7 cool night air refreshing!
8-9 ranged weapon stolen random
10-11 armor or shield stolen random
12 fined for fighting, theft, public urination 1d6x10gp owed

Source: cr0m.

Alternately, the DM may impose arbitrary living expense charges at the beginning of an adventure, if there are in-game events to justify extra expenses. This may be used instead of measuring expenses in days, at the DM's discretion.
Source: johnstone.

Morale Checks

Retainers check morale under the following situations:

  • When ordered to perform a dangerous task when the party is in less danger.
  • When wounded down to 50% of their remaining Hit Points.
  • At the end of an adventure, to determine if they continue in service (may be adjusted by giving a cash bonus or treasure).

Source: cr0m.

Number of Retainers

A player character may not bring more than two retainers into a dungeon at once.
Source: thickets.

Playing Retainers

If your main character is killed, you may play a retainer. At this point, roll ability scores normally and re-roll Hit Points (take the higher result). It's like he suddenly got a lot more interesting and probably healthier. Any Normal Man who earns experience points gets to choose a (human) class and roll for abilities as normal.
Source: cr0m.

Pole Arms

zomgwtfcia. Spears and pole arms may attack over the heads of the front ranks. Other rules are in development or are being ignored.

Shooting Past Obstacles

If you are using a missile weapon inside a dungeon, you can fire past two other characters, but no more than that.
Source: thickets.

Thief-Dabblers' Spells

A Thief-Dabbler starts with one first-level spell, chosen at random.
Source: New York Red Box.

Two Weapons

Characters fighting with two weapons roll both dice for damage and use the better result.
Source: cr0m.

Weapon Damage

We use variable weapon damage.

Zero Hit Points

When you fall below zero hit points by anything except a failed saving throw, you must save vs. death. A success means you are incapacitated but may be rescued. A failure results in a roll on the critical wounds table, which still needs to be finalized. Damage in excess of your hit points may or may not be applied as a penalty to your saving throw.
Source: cr0m.

Zero Hit Points Critical Wounds Table

Tiny attackers roll 2d4.
Man-sized attackers roll 2d6.
Larger attackers roll 2d8, 2d10, or 2d12, based on size and danger.
Add +1 to this roll for every full 3 points of damage taken beyond zero hit points.
The exact results of other damage types is up to the DM's discretion.

2 Pain and scars.
3 Lose an eye.
4 Face mutilated. –2 Charisma.
5 Concussion. –1 Intelligence, stunned.
6 Limb partially mutilated. –1 Dexterity.
7 Torso wound, half movement until properly healed. Blunt trauma causes internal bleeding, resulting in death within d6 days. Cutting and piercing weapons cause punctured lung or gut wound. –2 Constitution.
8 Serious head wound. Blunt trauma causes a severe concussion, –1d6 Intelligence, –1 Dexterity. Edged weapons sever an artery, resulting in death within d6 rounds.
9 Lose whole arm. –1 Constitution, –2 Dexterity.
10 Lose whole leg. –1 Constitution, –3 Dexterity.
11 Lose two limbs. –2 Constitution, –4 Dexterity.
12 Death.

Source: johnstone.

Proposed Rules

If there's a house rule you'd like to see, change or have struck down with holy might, take it up on the forum.

Here are some that cr0m is thinking about:

  • Shields Shall Be Splintered!
  • Two-handed weapons do more damage
  • Helmet benefits of some kind
  • Lockpicking: roll 2d6. The first is the amount of time spent working. If the second d6 is a 1-2, you succeeded. You can retry as many times as you like.
  • More XP. Either 100xp per HD (per OD&D) or more xp per gp (per Gygax's home game).
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