Holga is a witch, the old and ugly kind.

Now she's the high priestess of the purple worm cult, and she's not ugly anymore because she has no face.

Player grrraham
Class Magic User
Title Witch!
Alignment Chaotic
Special Faceless
Spells 1) Magic Missile, Hold Portal, Read Magic, Contact Purple Worm God, Charm, Enlarge, Floating Disc 2) Web, Hideous Laughter, Wizard Lock, Levitate, Forget 3) Blink, Detect Illusion, Gust of Wind, Gaseous Form, Wizard Lock, Lightning 4) Growth of Plants, Wizard Eye 5) Animate Dead, Cloud Kill 6) Geas, Stone to Flesh
Strength 9
Dexterity 7 (-1)
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13 (+1)
Wisdom 6 (-1)
Charisma 13 (+1)
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 20
Points 29070/40000xp
Treasure 19940gp

potion of human control
potion of esp
potion of extra healing (2d6+2)
potion of "cure all" (poison antidote)

rod of polymorph (10 charges)
staff of striking 2d6 (6 charges)
wand of magic detection
a golden scarab pin of protection from curses (9 charges)
cloak and boots of elvenkind
6 doses of paralytic poison
scintillating mask made by out of pieces of a flail snail's shell

flaming sword +1 (given to ranndy)
greek short sword +1/+2 v undead (given to runty)
round shield +2
poison dart
a magic ring which is constantly red hot.
20' rope of climbing
a silver dagger
sack of sacks
treasure map in metal tube

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