51: Gamgar's Woolford Vacation

This session played Monday, 8 November 2010 at Waves on Broadway.

Gamgar, and his retainers Porfyrio Damaschi and Uts Magestabber.
Studebaker the wizard.
Merrigold Serpenthelm.
Connor and some barbarian woman.
Colonel Kaffshyth.


Dalamyr and his Doomriders are hired by a nearby lord to go monster-hunting. They run into Gamgar and some wizard he calls Butterscotch even though his name is Studebaker. Then they molest some people in a bar, harass the lord's steward, and then wander up to a lonely tower in the middle of nowhere.

Connor gets some dust in his eye, some retainer dude gets really sick, and after the company wanders through some empty rooms, they finally find some ghouls that kill Porfyrio.

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