52: Gamgar Fights the Ghouls!

This session played on Monday, 15 November 2010 at Waves on Broadway.


Gamgar and Dalamyr, and Uts Magestabber the faithful torch-bearer and crossbowdwarf!





The boys employ their copious collection of keys upon a locked door and find a very dusty passage beyond. Through some doors, they find empty bedrooms that have not seen the touch of man in many a long, long year. Also, there is a chest full of coins, some old papers and a few gems in velvet bags inside desks, and some rather nice furnishings. They roll up the rug, but decide to come back for the bed later, as it needs to be dismantled.

Ghouls fought!

Another locked door reveals a much less welcome surprise, and Gamgar is paralyzed by ghouls while Dalamyr and Uts pin them to the wall via holy turning and crossbow bolts, respectively.

Prison cells!

The ghouls seem to be guarding a hallway filled with prison cells, though there are no prisoners. Well, there is one prisoner, but it is a ghoul, so it doesn't count.

Secret door!

One empty cell seems to be carved out. A rough passage leads several feet towards a dead end. Luckily for Dalamyr, Gamgar and Uts are crafty dwarves and can tell there is a secret door at the end.

Goblin guards!

On the other side of the secret door are goblin guards. Gamgar and Uts fall upon them savagely, venting their hatred for such maligned creatures.

Imprisoned dwarf!

Orc guards!

Phat lootz total:

700 silver pieces
350 gold pieces
two 25gp jade stones
one 100gp emerald gem
a chair and desk set worth 500gp
an expensive rug worth 200gp
a cloak of elvenkind (Dalamyr)
a scroll
285xp for Uts Magestabber
570xp each for Gamgar and Dalamyr

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