Gamgar Khazam

Dwarven Swordmaster, Cripple, and Land Developer.

Player johnstone
Class Dwarf
Level 3
Title Dwarven Swordmaster
Alignment Chaotic
Special Darkvision, Stonecunning, Hearing, Detect Traps and stuff,
Languages (Common, Dwarvish, Gnome, Kobold, Goblin).
Wounds Missing left arm and left leg, brain-dead, diseased.
Strength 9
Intelligence 0 (Brain-dead)
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 5 (-2)
Constitution 12
Charisma 8 (-1 reaction, 3 retainers, morale 6)
Saving Throws
Death Ray or Poison 8
Magic Wands 9
Paralysis or Turn to Stone 10
Dragon Breath 13
Rod, Staff, or Spell 12
THAC0 19
Armor Class 4
Hit Points 12
Points 7495xp
Treasure 2300gp, 4sp, 8cp
Equipment Bib, easily-cleaned clothes, 4 vials of holy water sewn into those clothes.
Retainers Uts Magestabber.
Adopted Daughter Floria Khazam.
Former Retainers Porfyrio Damaschii, Pilpo Paggins (unpaid apprentice, dismissed for unsatisfactory work), Narmat (deceased), Evtaxadar of the Lash (deceased), Milan Draganovich (deceased).
Adventures 02: Second Expedition to The Lost Mine, 03: Second Expedition to The Lost Mine (cont.), 10: Return to the Lost Mine, 11: The Numminen Hoard, 12: Standoff in the Mine, 13: Escape from the Lost Mine, 16: Fire & Water, 19: Undead Undead Undead, 21: Sacred and Profane, 22: Escape From the Desecrated Church, 24: Bed, Bath, and Beyond... in Koralgesh!, 28: Thieves of the Old City, 29: The Doppelganger Effect, 32: Return to the Filthy Sewers, 33: The Iron Golem's Gold, 51: Gamgar's Woolford Vacation, 52: Gamgar Fights the Ghouls, 53: Dwarves in the Dark, 64:Special Cross Over Extravaganza, 65: Caves of the Creepy Crab Crawlers, 66: Stairway to Toadhell.
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