Algol 02: Foyer and Wasteland

This session was played Monday, 20 September 2010 at Waves on Broadway, and consists of two back-to-back adventures, like many good pulp sci-fi novels from back-in-the-day.

These adventures are also summarized at the Planet Algol blog!

The Foyer

The hapless scoundrel Forbolosh awakens to find himself in a strange octagonal room, bathed in pink light. In this room are two groups of people, mostly pink Agogi men. One group is the lower classes, led by a bully of a man who beats up Forbolosh and takes his clothes, the other is the upper classes, the Agogi gentry who have been waiting for generations to have an audience with the Autarch.

A cleaning robot enters, allowing Forbolosh to see how the force-field security systems work, but even so, when he attempts to ride the robot out of the room, the pain generators prove too much for him, and he resigns himself to captivity…

The Wasteland

Two wasteland wanders arrive in Agog City, a Shereshi and a Shuzakh man. Roaming through the Xenon district, they are approached by a small figure looking for adventurers to accompany him to a strange asteroid wasteland, through a strange gate at the bottom of the favela rift.

Our heroes find an abandoned city, and manage to score some loot, but are soon set upon by savage cannibal degenerates, who seize the Shuzakh man and carry off his body. The survivors flee back to Planet Algol, but are ambushed by thieves! After his guide is hurled over the cliff, the Shereshi man is subdued and sold into slavery.

Such is the savage life… on PLANET ALGOL!

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