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I'll be there!

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Re: game? tonight? by sam992sam992, 18 May 2017 11:37

That area was known as the Mandarin circuit. All of them actually booked also for an extra five hundred movie theatres. Among them were the ones in Chinatown in CA, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. The Shaw Company had embraced big studios all over the Southwest Asia, with some interests in real property, banking, insurance, breweries and amusement parks. It turns out that their only serious film-making rival was Cathay organization and the actual theme was Singapore. The organization looked ready to give them some big amounts of money to start until there was a plane crush over Taiwan and the crush took the lives of several of Cathay’s top executives and officers.
Source: gowingchun com

One of them is to be self-centered, the other is the distance of fighting against the opponent, others are the accuracy, how well you do the tricks your energy and of course the relaxation. It is very significant to be accurate and to know how to you the energy that is inside of you. If the position of the hand is not very accurate the trick will definitely not be very accurate and in some situations it even can be very dangerous. The position is essential in Wing Chun. In some other Martial Arts it is not that significant if the position is a little bit higher or lower, it doesn’t matter, but in Wing Chun it is one of the most significant things. In Wing Chun every single person needs to be very accurate and they need to be correct. (It may be very interesting that when Ip Man had two children, had two sons he gave them the names of Ip Chun and Ip Ching. In Chinese “chun” has a meaning of accuracy and the word “ching” means correct.)An of course, for your Wing Chun Skill to be right, you need to know what amount energy you need to use and also know how exactly to use it. If you show too much energy it is possible that you will be beaten in the end and if you have too little energy, the ends is the same, In both cases you will be beaten and that is not what you want.
Source: gowingchun com

Not that I know of, sorry.

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Re: game? tonight? by cr0mcr0m, 15 Oct 2015 00:49

Any new games ? I would love to play


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 14 Oct 2015 15:28

eleven more characters : bringing the total to a round 50

update: Thirteen (#38) was killed by an ancient mummy king in a tomb being excavated by goblins. his last living experience was being wrapped up and sealed in a sarcophagus. Evidence suggests he is now an undead revenant minion of the mummy king.

40. Stronghand the thief (level 1) had awesome mutant powers and 18 strength which he never got to make use of because he died in his first combat experience. (because he was a thief, with 2 hp)

41. Pollard (level 2 fighting man) was a piece of shit henchman who lived long enough to become a PC, and then died almost immediately thereafter.

42. Remus (aka Grimace) (level 4 fighting man) was another piece of shit henchman turned PC, but he continued surviving, long enough to gain a couple morelevels. He has a magic shield, the least heroic magic item possible, which suits him.

43. Only Through Holy Myrc (blessed be his name) Is Salvation Made Possible On Earth (Othmismpoe) the first level cleric of Myrc is enthusiastic but as yet has not proven himself noteworthy for anything except perhaps his dumb name.

44. Lucky (lvl 1 cleric) failed to live up to his name when his face was melted by golden acid silk worms

45. Bourbon (level 1 fighting man) drank some water in the dungeon, found himself transported elsewhere in the dungeon without a light source, and died in the dark almost immediately if not sooner.

46. Bones (level 1 magic user) used his tremendous charisma to lead about a half dozen brave men to their deaths over the course of a week before meeting his own doom in the tunnels beneath the city of ziazmi. he was killed by a contact poison smeared on an invisible vase which he stumbled into (because it was invisible)

47. Harold Phalmos (level 1 thief) was torn asunder by moss creature

48. Chak-chack the crab-man (level 4) is one of the monstrous crab people who live in and around the city of Ziazmi. His crab claw appendages are no good for things like holding weapons, or turning door knobs, or picking things up without destroying them, but they're great at destroying things. He can't read or write or speak, but he dutifully serves his master, the elf Thimblegore.

49. Thimblegore the elf (level 3) is a fucking inhuman sociopath weirdo. Because he's an elf. He is going to adopt a child and raise it as his own. He hasn't noticed that Chack-chak can't talk.

50. Tony Toebones the thief (honorary* level 2) narrowly escaped death by amputating his arm when it was infected with horrible mutant larvae. Unfortunately his second brush with infectious disease did not go as well. He contracted the Cronenberg Plague which transformed him into a tentacled flesh monstrosity. His horrific second life was ended by Chak-chack the crab-man
*died before actually cashing in experience and levelling up

Remus/Grimace, Othmismpoe, Chack-chak, and Thimblegore are yet among the living.

Re: 39 characters by grrrahamgrrraham, 11 Sep 2015 06:45

Can anyone tell me what the name of the Group is that you guys have been connecting with on Facebook? I would like to join that group.


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 10 Sep 2015 16:51

Yeah man. I'm using Bonspiel, my unkillable loser from this site.

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Re: game? tonight? by cr0mcr0m, 10 Sep 2015 16:26

Hi Crom,

Thanks! I have found it now on Google. I guess I should show up at 6pm ? I should have a premade chr from one of our other adventures :)


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 09 Sep 2015 17:00

Hey twitterman, there is a game this Thursday at the Waves on Main/10th Ave.

Vancouver Red Box: a site for old school D&D

Re: game? tonight? by cr0mcr0m, 09 Sep 2015 16:09

Hi Chris, that would be awesome if you could post some information so I can connect with the red box group. I have not played with redbox since last summer :(


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 17 Aug 2015 16:52

Hey, Blair has been running games at Waves on Main Street the last few weeks (I've been to one game) and I think he's running again this week. He's been posting the details on Facebook, if you guys are connected. If not, let me know and I'll let you know here.

Vancouver Red Box: a site for old school D&D

Re: game? tonight? by cr0mcr0m, 17 Aug 2015 16:34

Hey guys, we haven't played for over six months. Anyone want to play ?


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 30 Jul 2015 12:56

Hello, thought some of you may be interested in checking out my group's online campaign journal I just got up and running:

narradventures.blogspot dot ca

Online Campaign Journal by DirkSwordmanDirkSwordman, 24 Jan 2015 03:02

LOL, I never knew Connor's full name until now. :)

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Re: 39 characters by cr0mcr0m, 09 Jan 2015 18:26

This is a rad list.

Re: 39 characters by johnstonejohnstone, 08 Jan 2015 20:08

I was throwing away old papers and found a bunch of old character sheets. There were a fucking lot of them. So I spent an hour and a half (!!) writing up every character I could find evidence of or remember. Only D&D characters.

and so I present, in roughly (very roughly) chronological order: an incomplete list of D&D characters I have played over the last 4 or 5ish years

1. Connor Seanery the Dwarf - level 3
an ordinary dwarf with below average stats. he was debilitatingly aged by dark magicks in the tower of the stargazer, which left him with even worse stats. came into his own when he gained a flame proof ring and matching flaming sword. REALLY came into his own when his head was magically transformed into a bear’s head. never killed. retired after his body was stolen by ZAMZOMAR the wizard and he was unable to continue because he was just a (still living) dismembered head.

2. Holga the Priestess of the Purple Worm - level 5
An ordinary crone witch until she was killed in the sacred worm grave tunnels and struck a bargain with The Purple Worm. Committed her life from that day forth to proselytizing (and terrorizing) for the worm god.
Gained some goblin and ogre minions and wandered hither and thither committing mischief and evil of varying degrees all in the name of the purple worm. threw down with some rival cults, pissed off local politicians, and was eventually killed in Fortress Eibon (i think?)

3. Roald the Mutant - level 2
from Planet Algol. a plant man and a "cannibal" (ate meat people. aka normal people).
He was drowned, devoured, absorbed by and incorporated into the flesh beast lurking in the concubinatorium

4. Velouria the mutant - level 2
about 7 and a half feet tall and 50lb soaking wet
pretty weak (3 str) but ran inhumanly fast and a decent shot with her dart gun (18 dex)

5. Rowlf the dog faced man (thief) - level 1
Rowlf "the dog", in what just barely qualifies as irony, was killed by cat demons.

6. Jack Rellwood - level 2
a retainer who got a sudden promotion when his employer (Rowlf) was torn apart by demons.
he was notable only for a pair of ogre gauntlets and a cloak of invisibility, items which went to far better use in the hands of Merrigold Serpenthelm. don’t even know how he died. quickly overshadowed by his successor, the hobbit Columbo

7. the spectacular Columbo Bumble - level 6 fighting hobbit
Things weren't always great for Columbo. He cut his own hideous mutated nose off about fifteen minutes before an alchemist concocted a potion to reverse the mutations and had to live the rest of the days with a scar where his nose should be. And another time he was cursed by a statue and lost the ability to feel happiness. And his best friend was a homeless idiot street sweeper.
but he did have 13 strength, 18 dex and 18 constitution, and a decent collection of magic swords including The Best Magic Sword. and did you know that level 4-6 hobbits have an average saving throw of 8?
too bad he got cocky as shit, descended into a pit in Fortress Eibon and got himself killed, along with everyone stupid enough to follow him, by ape men.

8. Griswold the midget - level 4
Columbo's step brother. notable mostly because his equipment was sick as hell since he got all of columbo's hand me downs

9. Gershwin the Hermit - level 4 cleric
a madman and holyman who travelled the roads of fairy-land for a time with a number of tall knights and one gnarled dwarf

10. Mertta the cleric of Lawdor

11. Cromwell the shmuck

12 - 17. Ronald, Squid, Carmac, Oscar, Rebellaise, and Mongo
a number of fighting-men and magic users who lived and died, one after another, over the course of one evening, in the basement of Fortress Eibon.

18. Carlos the combat hombre - level 4 fighting man
sole survivor at the end of the aforementioned evening
later successfully recovered Stahlkurtan from Eibon. all his shit got inherited by Trigger Ben when he died.

19. Eli the unwise - level 1 fighting man
a stupid man who died unremarkably

20. Left Eye Hugo of Arms level 2 fighting man
a man of arms who lost his right eye in battle

21. Right Eye Paul Muadib - level 1 cleric
cleric who lost his left eye, also in battle
despite the name he had no connection to the purple worm cult

22, 23. Santiago and Sebastian
twin fighting-hobbits who died unremarkably

24, 25. Gerbil the idiot and Garcia the wretched
more fools who died in the wilderness

26. Karkerruk the magic-user
killed upon accidentally consuming a bottle of acid (it was mistaken for a potion during a tense moment)

27. Karsukker the cleric
carried off by the roc

28. Sussurruk the thief
seared by toad plasma

29. Rukkurkar the fighting-man - level 3
there were four brothers, of four different classes. only rukkerkar lived long enough to see second level.
Rukkurkar actually did alright for a while, until he picked up a shitty cursed sword, at which point his life began to go steadily downhill, culminating with his capture, imprisonment, and eventual death at the hands of some dude named Krinkle

30. Rolly the kind - level 1 cleric
devoured by dog sized geckos while heroicly holding the line so his levelled more valuable companions could safely escape

31. Chuck the dude - level 4 fighting thief
pretty sweet dude until he got captured by degenerates and sacrificed to foul gods
tied to a slab and stabbed multiple times over the course of several rounds before finally succumbing to sacrificial knife

32. Bruce the dude - level 4 cleric
another pretty sweet dude. almost died a lot of times before he actually died. somehow came into a lot (half dozen) horses and freely gave them to new characters who couldn’t yet afford their own.

33. Alfonso - level 1 magic user
met the wrong end of a poison trap (the poisonous end)

34. Herman the Magnificent - level 1 magic user
I've only made one magic user which survived beyond their first session. it wasn't herman

35. Orlando the viridian - level 1 magic user
it wasn't orlando either

36. Todd the wizard - level 1 magic user
i think its magic users that suck and not me

37. Leonard the Holy Man - level 3 cleric
18 wis, 3 int
got a sweet ioun stone which orbitted his head and let him hold more spells in his mind at once (it was a REALLY SWEET ITEM)
died because he tried to fight ghouls and turning rules are bullshit

38. Thirteen the Hobbit - level 4
so named for his strength, int, wis, dex and con which all numbered 13
they aren’t anymore since he suffered some minor brain damage but the name stuck.

39. Bartelina Enderopolis - level 1 ad&d assasssin
so named as part of a dumb joke about a bartender who wouldn’t tell us their name, and because I like drawing my characters to look like bart simpson on their character sheets.

Currently living:
Connor the bodiless dwarf
Velouria the Algolian Mutant
Gershwin the hermit of fairy land
Thirteen the hobbit
Bartelina the assassin

39 characters by grrrahamgrrraham, 08 Jan 2015 08:42

I am available most anytime during the evenings.


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 24 Dec 2014 17:18

whenever next 4 people post at once and pick a day and agree to try to make it work

for what its worth I think I'm gonna be pretty available on weekday nights in 2015

Re: game? tonight? by grrrahamgrrraham, 23 Dec 2014 07:28

Does anyone know when the next game will be ?


Re: game? tonight? by tstwittertstwitter, 10 Dec 2014 05:15
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