Fortress Eibon

Located just a few miles north of the City of Yam, Fortress Eibon was once the seat of a dynasty of Puissant and Wicked Sorcerer-Aristocrats who disappeared after their palace was overwhelmed by the forces of black magic that they had wielded. This occurred one-hundred years past, and although the glorious and wise Emir of the past time chose to have the records of and very names of the accursed family of black magicians stricken from history for their misdeeds, their manor, Fortress Eibon, has been rescinded of interdiction status by the Secret Police of Yam and is now declared free for exploration and looting.

Currently Fortress Eibon has over twenty levels with over fourteen-hundred rooms open for delves suitable for adventurers of levels one through seven, with additional regions begin opened for higher level delvers soon.

This "mega-dungeon" has seven towers that stand over two-hundred feet tall; and is said to extend just as deep, if not deeper, beneath the ground. It features monsters that we guarantee you haven't even imagined before as well as vast quantities of treasure: countless caches brimming with coins, jewels and ensorcelled relics.


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