48: Fort Chesterfield

This session played on Thanksgiving Monday, 11 October 2010, at Waves on Broadway.


Ranndy Serpenthelm and some witch dude (it's Holga. and she's not a dude) whose the name the DM can't remember because he was too busy making up names for the NPCs.

The Adventure:

Larrador the cleric comes to Threshold and recruits two specialists who specialize in killing monsters, because Fort Chesterfield has… wait for it… a monster problem.

Fort Chesterfield is a fort at the opening of the valley where the elves used to live. It is named after Lord Chesterfield who built it with the intention of excavating the Elven ruins, which is one of his specialties. He stocks the fort with a crew of lazy mercenaries who use the wizard Zamzomarr's severed head as a lookout.

Ranndy and the witch lead Larrandor, two broke-ass torchbearers named Cosgrove and Peabody, and a mercenary named Rickhard into a cave, where they kill an ogre and a goblin, and find a skull and some magic inscriptions.

Back at Fort Chesterfield, they try to get Zamzomarr to decipher the inscriptions, but he wants to leave, so they switch his head with that of the slain Peabody and hide it in the woods.

They then return to the cave, search through the area once inhabited by goblins, and find a tunnel leading further down into the earth…

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