16: Fire and Water

Real World Info

This session was played on January 20, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Carparella the Apprentice.
Dalamyr, cleric of the realm.
Talon the impetuous elf & his tradesman Dulschwartz
Gamgar the mentally ill dwarf.
boolean the diminutive and his retainer Warthog.


Two more perish and a third is grievously wounded as the adventurers resume explorations in the caverns beneath the Keep of Koralgesh.

I. The Bat Trap

Dalamyr cuts down the gossamer net that terrified carparella last adventure. It was a food trap for the orcs, according to Tootung, their runty orc captive.


II. Screaming Mushrooms

The heroes burn a room full of enormous shrieking fungi. Fearing curious monsters, they flee before doing a thorough search of the area.

III. Clerics make the best bait

In a drowned bestiary at the bottom of a slippery slope, Dalamyr finds coins, gems, a ring, a rope, and a scroll case near the skeleton of an unfortunate zoo-keeper(?). Warthog and Boolean attempt to net whatever keeps brushing up against them in the chest-high water (if you're a halfling), but are unable to catch anything.

IV. Rats + Lava == Barbecued Elf.

Talon disturbs a rats nest which brings the angry swarm to attack the group. The swarm is driven off with fire but Talon chases after the stragglers into a chamber with strangely burned furniture and the body of a lizard scorched to its knees.

Suddenly the floor, which was a thin crust of cooled lava, breaks under Talon's weight. The elf plunges waist-deep into hot lava, killing him. The other adventurers honor his memory by scraping his remains out of his magical plate mail. Meanwhile, the feather-weight Boolean scavenges two potions from a cupboard, and carparella makes pincushions of a rat threatening to bite him.

V. Lizard Demons

In another flooded room, Boolean triggers a net trap while investigating a decoy treasure chest. Three reptilian humanoids run out of the water and attack. Boolean suffers a mighty bite and is nearly burned up by a flask of oil, but clings to life. The party rains arrows at the beasts, but not enough to save Dulschwartz, who is brained by a club. During the melee, Tootung tries to flee and Gamgar stabs him to death. The dwarf then pitches the corpse at the lizardfolk, one of whom swims away with the orcish meal while the other two are slain trying to make off with the halfling. Boolean is revived by one of the mystery potions recovered from the lava room.


V. Total losses/loot

Three lizardfolk 75xp
18 rats 90xp
5 shriekers 35xp
1 Tootung 10xp

2 healing potions (one used by Boolean, the other given to Carparella for future use on Boolean).
bone scroll case with Ventriloquism scroll
Protective Ring
Rope of Climbing
537gp (mixed coins and "I smell gems!")
32gp from the reptiles

Each surviving PC earned 173xp, 142gp and 4 sp. Each surviving retainer earned 86xp and bupkis!

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