54: Fire Mountain

This session played Monday, 10 January 2011 at Waves on Broadway.

This session based on "Playing with Fire," by Jeff Grubb, from Dungeon magazine, issue 82.


Connor the dwarf
Dalamyr the wise

Hey, Lookit that Shield!

There is a shield on the wall at this inn near fire mountain. It has a distinctive flame logo on it that looks strangely familiar…

Braving the Flaming Mountain

The shield seems to repel the flames, but a ghost appears!

A Magical Door and an Underground Lair

The key opens the magic door.

March of the Fire Dwarves

Five fire dwarves attack! But wait, instead of clobbering Dalamyr, they climb up onto the strange shield and are absorbed by it, as if it were a magical gate to another dimension!

And some more stuff happened, too.

Suit of fancy plate mail armour worth mucho coin.
A bastard sword with a flame design etched on the blade.
A +1 shield that is a gate to the elemental plane of fire.

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