55: Fearless Mystery Killers

This page played on Monday, 17 January 2011, at Waves on Broadway.

Connor the Dwarf
Dalamyr the Cleric of Stryxis

This adventure is based on "Evil Unearthed," by Ed Stark, from Dungeon magazine 82.

Dalamyr gets a letter from the druid up in Restenford, that he's discovered something important that Dalamyr would be interested in. So Dalamyr and Connor decide to go up and check it out.

When they get to Restenford, the druid's house is all locked up. So they ask the widow next door, and then they go check out the ruins on the other side of the hill from the baron's manor.

On the path towards the ruins is a small temple to a god of valour(?) being tended by . Dalamyr somehow gets recruited to wash the windows but Connor leaves in search of more stimulating ways to pass the time. He makes his way to the graveyard below the ruined castle and

busts into a great tomb
kills some undead ancient kings

discovers a secret tunnel

investigates the ruins, find massive round slab of marble

return to tunnel

dalamyr falls into a pit full of zombies

skeletons bust through the walls

find ___ in a pit in a room

fight a hundred goblins, get fucked up, make strategic retreat

re-kill some giant 9ft tall skeletons. barely survive.

"rescue" a couple dozen slaves, but trappped underground with hundreds of goblins between our heros and the exit…

a great blast and a flaming dwarf!

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