01: Expedition to the Lost Mine

Real World Info

This session was played on March 27, 2009.

Featuring: Rael Peniswhistle, Kugel, McCleric, Newcastle Brown, McArcher and the retainers Shannon, McFighter, Pannebaker, Wayne Scotting and McHalfling.


Three adventurers and their hired help explore a lost dwarven mine. They uncover evidence of enslaved dwarves and considerable treasure, but lose many companions to goblins and demon birds.

I. Scouting the entrance

Rael explores the ravine around the mine with Newcastle Brown. They see woodsmoke coming from the entrance but see no evidence of defenses or activity.

II. Wolves, corpses and dwarven gold!

The party explores a warren of tunnels just inside the mine and discovers the bodies of apparently enslaved dwarves, who look to have been recently killed by goblins. Rael disturbs three wolves gnawing on bones. In the ensuing battle, Wayne Scotting is killed but the party is victorious. A piece of jewelry on one of the corpses whets their appetite for more.

III. A secret door

Beyond a sprung pit trap they find the scene of another massacre. Newcastle Brown and McCleric find a "dwarf door" but are unable to open it. They bash it down and uncover a small fortune in silver, gold and jewelry.

IV. The overlook and the bridge

At a rope bridge spanning an undergound river, the party spots several overlooks, including one tantalizingly close to their current location. They search for a "dwarf door" or other access but find nothing.

V. The demon birds

The party crosses the bridge and hidden "alarm" rigged beneath the walkway rings. A sleepy goblin appears at an overlook, releases six demon birds from hanging cages and the fight is on! Kugel makes short work of three birds, but Newcastle Brown is gravely wounded before he can dispatch his. McCleric has the life sucked out of him and Rael dies an ignoble death. The party grabs their fallen and flees back to Threshold.

VI. McHalfling the Thief

Re-armed and equipped, the party sneaks back to the bridge. They attempt to persuade McHalfling to climb over to the nearest overlook, but he demurs. A racial stereotype is shattered amid grumbling about a more stringent hiring process for retainers.

VII. This is for killing whats-his-name and that other guy!

They disable the bridge alarm and cross undetected. On the other side McHalfling hears alert goblins in a large cave. The party charges in, flinging oil, crisping one goblin and scattering a group waiting to knock intruders into a pit with a mine cart. McHalfling unwisely strays near the front line and is skewered by spears. A lucky shot from a goblin crossbow kills Pannebaker, both Kugel and the Dwarf are nearly killed, but in the end the party is victorious. One goblin escapes the carnage, and fearing reinforcements, they retreat determined to someday avenge their losses.

VIII. Total losses/loot

Two wolves, seven goblins and six stirges were killed, along with McCleric, Pannebaker, Rael and the retainers Wayne Scotting and McHalfling. Six pieces of jewelry, ?? gold and ?? silver pieces were recovered.

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