103: Evil Wizards In A Cave Bear


24 April 2014 at Kafka's.


Bonspiel, Curate of Kor.
Thirteen, brave Halfling.
Jazzhand Tommyknocker, dashing thief.


Bonspiel and his friends track down some evil wizards and watch a bear eat them. This session was the FIVE YEAR anniversary of the first RBV game actually played in Vancouver. Crazy.

Who knew Speak with Animals is the Charm Person of Wilderness Adventures?

The Tellurine Monastery is sketchy as hell, but Bonspiel needed to track down their stolen relic or be excommunicated. The party finds the wizards responsible in a cave… next door to another cave, with a bear inside. One second level spell later, and "Snuffles" wreaks havoc on wizard plans for some kind of evil wizard stuff.

Bonspiel, gigolo of Kor

The party returned the relic and was weirded out by the sketchy monks again, but nobody died, so victory! Also a local war hero asked Bonspiel to sleep with his wife.

Total Losses/Loot

I SAID nobody died.

No idea about treasure, but Bonspiel gave Thirteen his amulet of proof against Sleep spells.

3200gp in diamonds
a couple hundred more gp in chump change.

DM was johnstone.

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