92: Escape From Winnipeg


15 March 2012 at The Grind.


Azure Krikorian


Dalamyr and Griswald team up with Azure Krikorian, the sky mage, and attempt to escape from Winnipeg. This entails killing a bandit for Granny Serpenthelm so she will help them book passage on a boat leaving town.

Some Stuff Happened

Azure Krikorian meets some bold adventurers, but then they are stopped by bandits on the road. Azure Krikorian puts them all to sleep and sells them into slavery. Granny Serpenthelm tells Dalamyr and Griswald she wil help them book passage if they kill a local bandit. So Azure Krikorian tries to squeeze the other factions in Winnipeg for some reward money, and gets a few offers, and even two priests from a lawful order to accompany his new friends and he as they ride off to mete out justice.

Some More Stuff Happened, etc.

A dungeon got raided and some dudes got killed.

Total Losses/Loot

Formerly a list of people who died, now more likely to be a list of magic items found.

This line is important for posterity: All PCs received x xp and y gp. Retainers received z xp. Note any exceptions, side payments, etc here.

DM was Mxlplx.

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