13: Escape from the Lost Mine

Real World Info

This session was played on December 4, 2009.

Featuring Gamgar Khazam, Viktor, Flapgar Trundlebig, Dalamyr the Acolyte, Rand Gebblstryfe, Eluria and Viktor's retainer K-k-k-ken.



After the departure of several companions during the night, the party slips out of their fortified area, determined to end the stalemate with The Master. They climb from the river to an upper level, fight goblins, avoid death by dwarven machinery, explore a strange room full of large dwarven plumbing, and escape with a small amount of gold, silver, jewelry and a treasure map.

I. Newcomers

After being cut off from the party by a patrol of cultists, Viktor wandered the dungeon and luckily came across a pair of adventurers, Eluria the elf and Rand the fighter. They agreed to join forces and headed back to the others when the patrol moved on.

II. The Beach

The general consensus was to head out toward the beach on the river and so the party gathered supplies from the store room, bringing the vestiges of the Frog God cult along. The great river barely seemed to flow here. Upstream, a large unmoving water wheel was attached via a thick leather belt to another wheel attached to a post emerging from the cliff wall. Nearby there was a small opening in the cliff with an overlook. Viktor took the lead and clambered up to the top of the upper wheel and saw some beady goblin eyes retreat into the darkness. After some unsuccessful parley in Goblin, Gamgar threw a rope over and secured it with his grappling hook. Rand shimmied over and when he reported the coast was clear, Gamgar followed him and let the rope down for the rest of the party to climb up.

III. Upstairs

On the upper level Flapgar took the lead towards a wood shack that harbored a pair of those mischievous goblins. As the adventurers prepared their assault, the goblins pulled a lever and activated a sliding floor that trapped Viktor and Eluria above a massive rock grinder. Luckily the rest of the group overran the goblins and deactivated the trap. Seeing that the nearby elevator to the level below had no controls here, the group continued on down the hall. This led to another confrontation with the goblin tribe. Flapgar was wounded by a goblin but upgraded his armour from leather to platemail thanks to the nearby store room.

Further on, they followed a band of marching skeletons to a large room filled with more skeletons mysteriously standing in ranks. Abandoning that route, the party found the cell where the rest of the Frog cultists were being held prisoner. Viktor submitted to Yevgeni that he should leave the dungeon with his worn and battered cult and so they did.

Presently the adventurers found some sort of sump-pump machinery room that was miraculously still functioning. Unable to tease out the machinery's secrets they satisfied themselves with looting the skeletal remains of expired dungeon denizens. They then trudged back to the dwarven cenotaph to collect the helm and medallion which, as Flapgar noted (after Gamgar pointed it out to him), belongs in a museum.

Then it was back to the town of Threshold to cash in the spoils.

VII. Losses/loot

The party killed or defeated 7 goblins, Eluria found a suit of chain mail, Flapgar found a suit of plate mail, Dalamyr recovered four vials of acid, a mysterious blue stone, a soggy spellbook and a treasure map. A total of ??gp was recovered, including the items from the Cenotaph of Mim. Surviving PCs earned 96xp and ??gp each.

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