Elves are a proud race of immortal crafters, warriors and wizards. They are great allies and deadly enemies, able to fight with any weapon and use magic spells as well. They can see in the dark, like their cousins the Dwarves, and are adept at finding secret or hidden doors. Their strange heritage grants them immunity to the paralyzing attacks of ghouls.

Elf adventurers in the Black Peaks are from a distant realm near civilized lands and are (broadly speaking) associated with Chaos and the Trickster Gods.

There was a kingdom of Elves ruled by the Witch-Queen Nimwe Nemacil in the Black Peaks for centuries. Nothing more was heard from them after the Dragon came.

Her supposed failure to aid the Dwarves is the source of enmity between the two races to this day, however there are few Elves who believe this version of events.

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