Dwarves are formidable warriors—as tough as their human counterparts, plus they have the best saving throws in the game, along with Halflings. They can also see in the dark and often detect new tunnels, slanting passages, shifting walls and other traps. They cannot use long bows or two-handed swords.

The most accurate Dwarven stereotype is that they all have beards and talk like Sean Connery.

Dwarf characters in the Black Peaks are refugees, driven out of their homes by the Dragon Army. These so-called Petty Dwarves are rootless traders, with a reputation for sharp dealing, though historically Dwarves are associated with Law and the Great Builder. During the invasion, their cousins the Elves did not act quickly enough in the opinion of the Dwarves, their sworn allies. A rift between the two peoples persists to this day.

Recently Lord Stefan defeated the Dragon Army, and many Dwarves are returning to the region, hoping to drive out the remnants of their foes, reopen their ancient holds and reassert their sovereignty.

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