58: Durgrim's Treasure Map

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This session was played on April 11, 2011, featuring:

Part of this dungeon was previously featured in The Tomb of the Red Mummy.


Dalamyr's Doomriders venture forth once again in to the sewers under Threshold, defeating the Frost Witch and closing a Hellmouth, but at great cost.

Reduce, Reuse, Retainer

Chastened by their failure in the sewers, Dalamyr and Rowlf regroup in the city and seek reinforcements. Happily, they find Merrigold, who has a new attendant named Durgrim. Durgrim is sporting familiar gear that used to be Quimby's. In addition to recycled armor, he also has a treasure map that purports to show the location of a hidden stash in the city's sewer.

Rowlf also hires Wurmur, a crofter with a wheel of cheese, and Jack Rellwood.


Following the map, the party travels down a lengthy abandoned sewer tunnel in to a room marked as "Cursed!", where they find a number of glass-fronted cabinets containing old religious items. One of the cabinets has a smashed front, and blood covered shards all around it. Deciding that they really don't need some dingy old temple artifacts, the party passes on temptation.


The party looks in on one room marked "fire", finding a number of large vermin being cooked over a fire pit, and for some reason decides to come back to this room later.

Then they head in to a room with a spiral staircase leading far, far up, and see that the passage off the end of it leads away over a pit, but with chains in the roof to allow passage. Again, they decide to turn back.

Then another room looks to be the ruins of an office, with everything smashed to bits. Various chunks of corpses strewn about the place make the party realize they're not the first adventurers to plumb these particular depths, and they hope that SOMETHING will be left for them.

Fire traps

Another room marked "fire" turns out to be an old temple. Very little is in the temple, but there are some stairs leading down at the opposite end from the altar, and large scorch marks cover the floor at the top of the stairs. Dalamyr looks over the altar, and notes "Hey, this kind of demon should have a third eye… right here…."

The poking at the demon face causes a secret compartment to open, and inside is a block; when pulled suddenly flame gouts out from the stairwell, and the block begins to return to it's original position. About a minute later it is back, and the trap rearmed.

Now that the party knows how to temporarily disable the trap, they do so (leaving one retainer behind to disable the trap again when needed) and head down the stairs.


Past a door adorned with a demon face, they find a large room with a chaos symbol graven in the floor, but again it seems to have been looted.

Golden arches

At the end of a twisting, well traveled corridor, a mystical circle on the floor is traversed by two golden hoops that are embedded in to the ground. Merrigold, who is a man and not a woman, even though some people think that his name is womanish sounding, sets HIS retainer to carving the hoops free of the rock, and the party leaves him behind to work.

Defiled sarcophagus

Following the fairly obvious tracks leads to a room with a sunken center, and a broken-open sarcophagus in the bottom of it. Still nothing of value is found.

Not in Threshold anymore

Past the sarcophagus is a seemingly normal portal, albeit one that showed signs of being spiked shut in the past. On the other side all is misty and roughly hewn. Stepping through, the PCs are suddenly struck by a feeling of wrongness and being elsewhere.

Using a rope to keep themselves from getting lost, they look down one passage, then another, turning back when the fog thickens and dozens of pairs of cats eyes begin to peer back at them.

The door is promptly spiked shut again after leaving this strange realm.

The invisible bridge

It's not so much a bridge as much as it is two ledges that are both invisible. Of course one side also disappears, or goes away I suppose or does whatever invisible things do to not exist. Also, To be a bridge it would really have to connect in the middle which this one does not. Anyway, before they party is aware of any of the bridges shortcomings or total lack of being a bridge at all, Rowlf the nimble creeps carefully across the invisible surface on one side. He finds gap in the middle and attempts to lasso a statue on the other side, which the statue wants no part of and oddly shakes off the ropes in an a remarkably unstatuish manner. He then tries to climb across the ledge and fails, critically. Thankfully he is saved by his safety rope and his fast acting teammates. Merrigold the Wise recalls a scroll he read or some story he heard about a certain Last Crusade and throws some sand over the gap to reveal the invisible ledge opposite the one he is standing on. There are some more gold hoops to remove on this side. Which get removed. That's 4 gold hoops. Merrigold contemplates killing the rest of the group but sees no way to overcome a certain cleric's -1 armor rating.

Barracks brawl

The group wanders around some more and comes upon a kitchen staffed by two Cat demon chefs. The group brutally murders them in cold blood but not before the Cat demons heroically call for help. 8 More cat demons charge into the room to heroically confront the chef's attackers. They then proceed to kill the shit out of Galactus the dog, Rowlf and Wurmur. The mad skills of Merrigold the handsome and the seemingly invincible armor of the villainous Dalamyr are too much for the Cat demons and the cat demons in turn get the shit killed out of them.


There's a &*^(ing Witch behind the door and she just cast something at Dalamyr! But he throws down a hold person spell which unsurprisingly, holds her person in place. Merrigold the Rythmic takes dead Rolff's +1 sword which had in turn been taken by this dude that worked for Rowlf at one point and uses it to hack at the neck of the witch. The nameless guy then runs up and stabs the witch with his spear and she is slain!


Upon the demise of the Frost Witch, a wave of bitter cold erupts from her body, striking Merrigold and Jack Rellwood unconscious. Dalamyr heals Merrigold to get him back up, and then hoists Jack Rellwood across his back, and everyone books it for the entrance while the frost continues to radiate and the entire complex shakes and shudders.

Merrigold and Durgrim grab the stashed golden hoops, and the four survivors barely escape as the entire complex caves in. Several blocks of Threshold are damaged by the subsidence, and Dalamyr is left to scrabble through the wreckage, looking for survivors.

Total Losses/Loot

Rowlf and Wurmur died, as well as one of Merrigold's dogs, Galactus.

  • Four golden hoops worth 1000 gp each

All PCs received 1280 xp and 1333 gp. Retainers received 640 xp. Merrigold doesn't cut Durgim in for a share of the gold (though Dalamyr gives him 100 gp out of guilt), so Durgrim decides he can do far better on his own and leaves with the gear that had been bought and the remaining wardog, Mr. Mistofolees.

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