23: Dungeons and Dragons

Real World Info:

This session was played on April 2, 2010, the boxing day of April Fool's.

Cast of Characters:

Marrieth with her retainers Apu and Kill-Hate
Sir Bonspiel von Helmut the doubting cleric
Warthog of the Mullet
Sly Naptastic and his entourage Feldspar and Terence Deux
Feralion the elf with Helvetica, his crush, and Malai Kofta, his crusher.


The heroes give the Desecrated Church a miss and trek back to the Keep of Koralgesh.

I. The Studded Throne

Malai Kofta and Helvetica axe their way through the double doors into the throne room where they find the Seat of Justice before a pair of thrones. On the king's throne Warthog finds some secret buttons, the first of which provides $150 gold inside a secret pedestal and the second of which produces a fire-breathing gold dragon which incinerates Marrieth, Malai Kofta, Warthog and Helvetica.


The fleeing survivors run straight into a pair of ghouls who ambush Sly and his retainers. Terence Deux is slain and the ghouls begins to drag away a paralyzed Apu but the ghouls are killed by Feralion and Helvetica.

II. The Seat of Justice

When the group recovers from paralysis Sir Bonspeil does some magical healing and it's discovered that the dragon was an illusion and the 'killed' adventurers wake up. Feralion presses his sword into a floor slot next to the throne and the white granite chair in the centre of the room glows magically. Marrieth sits in it and disappears. A couple other explorers follow suit, but Warthog and Sly choose a different door. There they find a corpse at a stairway going up, but when Warthog grabs the weapons laying nearby the skeleton animates!


III. The Dungeon

Marrieth, Bonspeil and Feralion have been teleported via the Seat of Justice to the dungeon on the second level of the keep. Luckily all the cells had been unlocked during a previous expedition and the adventurers run back upstairs to regroup. With the skeleton destroyed, Warthog claims the Sun-Ring of Kor, which protects him from normal fires.

IV. Dead Man's Hand

In a game room, four ghostly card-players put down their cards, get up and walk through the south wall when Bonspeil bellows at them. Their cards are all aces and eights. There is also a pile of silver on the table to collect.

V. Snoring Pirates

In the armory, the group finds two pirates asleep in front of a cabinet. Helvetica charms Captain Scimitar but Boatswain Redcap shrugs off a similar attempt from Marrieth. Luckily Redcap obeys his Captain. They are reticent to provide their background to the group upon awaking, but explain that a cloud of sleep gas from the cabinet knocked them out before they could claim the magical sword inside. As such, it goes to one of the elves. The captain follows Helvetica and Redcap follows the captain as the group continues to explore the keep, after looting the armory of any useful weaponry.

VI. Catching the Flu

In a room with three beds, Warthog discovers a set of levers in the flue of the fireplace. A series of tests leads to a secret compartment in the mantle that concealed a bag containing 33 gp, 27 ep, 5 pp and three gems.

VII. Barrels of No-Fun

Backtracking to finish off the floor, the group finds yet another storage area. This once contains a precarious stack of barrels. When Sly Naptastic reached in to pull out a box of snuff, the barrels collapsed upon him, ending his life. Luckily Feldspar dodged the trap and anticipated updating his spell book.


IX. Boat Museum

The next room contains 27 models of the fleet of Koralgesh. The models are of great value but extremely fragile.

X. Green-Tainted Library

Shelves of moldy books line the walls of the lounge and library, and an unhealthy green


growth clings to the ceiling and wall to spread across the floor. The clever adventurers use an oil-soaked table as a shield to breach the room and Helvetica collects some moldy books.
In the collection they find "The Predictions of Nostradavid" which interestingly, does not predict the fall of of Koralgesh, but does include such passages as "The Dwarf Banduron's magical hammer will be reclaimed by his son some time after his fall"; "In the dark days of Koralgesh, an elven enchanter will defile the chapel of Kor and she will carry her curse with her" and "in the time after, the great Tyrannabyss will devour many explorers of the ruins of Koralgesh;" "Despite the many hazards, delvers from the East will finally uncover the secret passage and survive the Steward's magical traps, to haul away the vault's riches back into the heartland. In time Koralgesh's treasures will save a village from the evil orcmaster Maylock;" "It will be the defilers of the Frog God, champions of the Owl God and delvers in the ruins of Koralgesh who will solve the crisis in a library of academia, and find reknown in a town of Owl worshippers harrassed by the cult of Shami-Amourae"

XI. Party in Vineyard

The group attempts to take 8 of the ship models back to Vineyard. Only 6 survive the trip. While the Frog & Peach is being rebuilt, the group manages to find a party house and get some carousing in.

VII. Total losses/loot

Terence Deux was killed by ghouls. Sly Naptastic was killed by destiny. Each surviving retainer earned 100xp and each surviving PC earned 200xp and 249gp.

Sun-Ring of Kor (fire resistance) - Warthog
10 magical (+1) arrows - Feralion
GreenBriar Sword (magical) - Marrieth (see p 56 Koralgesh)
3 gems worth 25 gp each
a bunch of gold, platinum, electrum and silver
6 extremely fragile model ships (2 destroyed in transit, 19 more still in the keep to collect) worth 150gp each

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