26: The Dragon and the Crypt

Real World Info

This session was played on April 18 & 19, 2010.

Featuring Sly the she-elf, Enis Peniswhistle, his cousin Tyrel, the dwarf Newcastle Brown and the retainers Gysus, Samgosh, Samric and many others.


Three adventurers discover the Crypt of the Bandit Queen. They recover many rich treasures, but are forced to flee before looting the inner sanctum.

I. Something

Two elves of the Peniswhistle Clan arrive in Threshold to join their cousin Tyrel and his dwarf companion, Newcastle Brown. Flush with success after clearing the Caves of Chaos, the veterans happily accept the youngsters Enis and Sly to the party.

They recruit three retainers:
Marloc, an ex-soldier with a troubled past, a chainmail shirt and spear.
Samgash, a man with a treasure map and spear.
Samric, an alchemist’s apprentice with a Charm scroll.

All three retainers follow Sly Peniswhistle, whose radiance has them eager to face death for her. Samgash immediately produces his treasure map and describes how he stole it. A group of five surly mercenaries had enlisted his help to loot the Crypt of the Bandit Queen, but unsettled by their constant whispering, Samgash fled with the map once the tomb was discovered.

The parties’ energy is high; confident they can overcome both the mercenaries and whatever dangers the tomb contains, they equip themselves and depart Threshold.

II. Traveling to the Crypt.

Rather than travel the Old Dwarf Road, the party opts to make an overland crossing directly to the Crypt. On the second day, a fog descends on the foothills and Samgash announces to the party they’re lost. Morale is still good; they reverse directions again and march into the fog. The fog thickens, and the party notices that it is emanating in regular waves from
over a hill in front of them.

Samric and Marloc are sent up the hill. Enis mutters, “We need to get that guy’s scroll for safe keeping.” As soon as they reach the top of the hill, the retainers run back screaming that they’ve seen a giant snake. Enis climbs the hill to investigate.

Coiled around a dolmen on the other side of the hill is a sleeping green dragon, snoring fog. There is some discussion where attack is considered but eventually, the party wisely decides to quietly continue and camp without a fire.

III. The Crypt and the Mercenaries Camp

By evening on the third day of travel, smoke from a campfire is spotted near the location of the tomb. Enis proceeds alone and finds the mercenary camp. The entrance of the tomb has been breached and it appears that the entire group of mercenaries is inside. Enis steals a lockbox from the largest tent and returns to the party. The lockbox contains 100 gold pieces which is quickly divided.

As night falls a plan takes shape: the party will wait in ambush for the group of mercenaries inside the tomb. Tyrel, Enis, Sly and Newcastle position themselves behind cover to fire at the entrance at the tomb from a distance, while the retainers take position on the hill above the entrance…

III. And that's all she wrote.

Some other stuff happened. They ran away before plundering the final tomb. On the way home Newcastle Brown shot a dwarf named Fern in the back, and Tyrel had to smooth things over when they got back to town.

IV. Total losses/loot

A carrion crawler, 4? fire beetles, 4 crab spiders, 2 living statues, 2 zombies, a ghoul and 2 giant pythons were killed, along with the retainers ?, ? and ?. ?? gold pieces were recovered, along with 2 magic arrows (+2), 2 potions of healing, a suit of plate mail, "Ghoulbane" (btw not the name of the sword afaik) a magic sword (+1, +2 vs undead)…

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