Dierdre the Street Thug

The fragrant Diedre is a street thug hired by Eluria for several expeditions to the Keep of Koralgesh.

She was accused of cutting the ring off a skeleton that carparella had planned to loot, though no ring was found when her paralyzed body was searched by Eluria. She has a burlap sack containing a spell book and a stinky leather bikini.

Class Fighter 2
Title ?
Alignment neutral
Special Fighting'
Strength 9
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13 (+1 to Saves vs Magic)
Dexterity 8 (-1 missile, +1 AC, -1 init)
Constitution 11
Charisma 7
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 12
Points 3999
Treasure ?

ornate foreign platemail, large sack, spellbook, stinky leather bikini

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