31: Diamond of the Zombie King

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This session was played on May 16, 2010, featuring:

Dalamyr the wise.
Flapgar Trundlebig the dwarf.
Marrieth the elf, and her retainer Apu.
William Parsnip, his dog, and his retainers Mulyx, Hilmyr, and Molmar.
Eluria the elf with Bargwana the bard and Dierdre the Reticent.
ben-spiffy the thief with Theopholis Thistlesifter and Sundarr the barbarian


The second expedition into Quesqueton uncovers a terrible treasure protected by the zombie king.

The Rift in the Wall

The party returns to the black slate wall at the north end of the underground complex, to examine the previously slain orcs and the crack that leads out to the surface. But they find the crack in use: by a carrion crawler! Marrieth is paralyzed, but the crawler is swiftly dispatched by the others. As Marrieth recovers, Parsnip cuts open the crawler's face and fills his empty oil flasks with its paralytic venom.

Quick, The Bat Cave!

After finding another store room full of building supplies, the brave companions follow stairs leading down to a balcony overlooking a huge cavern full of bats. Two light sources, holes that allow thin shafts of sunlight to fall, remain unexplored across the way.

Guest Rooms

Returning the the main level, the party follows a zig-zagging corridor to the east side of Quasqueton. While exploring demolishing the doors to the guest rooms, the group is attacked by more orcs. Eluria charms one of them but it too is slain once it turns on Sundarr.

The Only Good Thief is a Dead Thief… Or Maybe a Spiffy Thief

Continuing on, the party finds Rogahn's workout room, then an empty room behind a locked iron door. This room is so empty, even the picture frame's canvas is missing! But wait, what's this? There is a secret door! A revolving section of the wall leads to another room that contains a locked iron-bound chest and a dead thief who triggered the chest's poison dart trap! Ben Spify is unable to pick the lock, but manages to ascertain that the trap has been triggered, so the lid is forced open by use of hacksaw and crowbar. Inside the chest is a silver ring etched with magical symbols in a small black bag; a glass jar with several small pieces of stone in a clear liquid that smells vaguely of flowers, walnut, or vanilla; a loaf of fresh bread; and a small box containing corpse-powder, grave dust, and heavy thread; all wrapped up in purple velvet.

Spiffy tries eating a stone, but is granted no wishes. Flapgar eats some of the bread, which tastes rather good.

Monsters in the Closets

The party then explores a series of thirteen 10 x 10 rooms, all connected by locked but rather flimsy balsam-wood doors. As they alternate between lockpicking and door-kicking, they discover that six of these rooms contain zombies when one undead arm bursts through a door and takes a swipe at Parsnip. Dalamyr wades to the front ranks and scares the hell out of these desiccated fiends, who are then dispatched by spear and crossbow.


The corridor away from this bizarre collection of rooms leads to another locked iron door. William Parsnip takes the door off by its hinges and finds the lair of the Zombie King. It has terrible aim however and the group, with overwhelming numbers, kills it. They find two rotted corpses of previous adventurers who fell to the king, and a pair of locked iron-bound chests. Marrieth casts Knock on the small chest, and discovers a diamond the size of her fist wrapped in purple velvet. The party rejoices at this propitious find! Opening the second treasure chests, however, releases a cloud of acidic gas that burns out Flapgar and Ben Spiffy's eyes but luckily Dalamyr's staff of healing restores them. Not so lucky are Theopholis Thistlesifter, Bargwana, and Hilmyr, who are unskilled in dodging dungeon traps and breathe in too much of the toxic fumes.

Once the cloud dissipates, the chest is searched. The acid has ruined several small paintings of Rogahn, his mistress and Zelligar, though a magic ring, a scroll, and (unfortunately) Rogahn's love poetry are still intact.

The Slab in the Lab

Eager to discover more treasures, the party exits the stoneworked section and return to wood-paneled walls. Parsnip immediately tears the paneling off the wall and discovers a secret door. It leads to an alchemical lab. Flapgar kills a shrieker with a mace, but not before it's loud, piercing cries summon a zombie. There is a second magical lab, where Ben Spiffy finds a black cat preserved in a jar full of clear liquid. When he uncorks it, the liquid quickly evaporates and the cat comes to life, completely dry. Spiffy puts it in his bag of holding.

Fungus Among Us

A large bath area is overrun with spores, molds and fungus and they fear to tread in it.

Spider Goulash

Flapgar finds a spider in the kitchen. It is quickly dispatched.

I See (More) Dead People

More dead adventurers are found at the end of the entranceway hall. They are much more recently deceased than the last three the party encountered.

Mystery Pools

They also find a room with a pool of cold flames, a pool of wine, some pools of slime. There is also one pool of water with illusory treasure in it. After a day full of strange craziness, the party is fed up with Quasqueton and decides their eight hours are done.

A Decent Burial

Flapgar and Dalamyr drag the corpses out of the dungeon to give them a proper burial.

Total Losses/Loot

A diamond worth 100,000gp, which used to be part of the hereditary crown of the Sorcerer-Kings of the Ancient Dwarves (Marrieth)
Jar of clear liquid with small pieces of stone in it.
Magically preserved cat (Ben Spiffy)
Zombie kit: grave dust, corpse powder, and thread, in a box. (Parsnip)
Runic Silver Ring (Parsnip)
Unremarkable silver ring of protection (Flapgar)
Rogahn's silver ring (Dalamyr)
Golden zombie crown.
Sword of the North from the zombie king (Eluria)
Scroll: Read Languages. (probably will go to Supper Brown)
Maps to the Zamzomarr's iron tower, some tunnels beneath Threshold, and the tombs of the seven great Sorcerer-Kings of the Ancient Dwarves.
2,000gp worth of books.
294gp in coins looted from dead bodies.

All PCs and retainers earned 1xp less than what they need to level up twice. Due to the per adventure limit, no characters may carouse or gain xp from session summaries.

DM was johnstone.

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