85: Death to Evil Wizards


5 January 2012 at Waves.


Floria Viperhearted, girl detective sorceress.
Columbo Bumble, bumbling his halfling way to Conan-like success.
Dalamyr the wise, cleric of the owl god.
Bugoso, the creepy-ass wizard.
Stanley Serpenthelm, wielder of the medusa's head and would-be gremlin vender.
Pete's character.
The Nameless Fighter, who picks up magical battle-axes.
Two mercenaries, and Heramphalmos.

Did I miss anybody? I can't even remember what happened, all the Eibon Fortress games have blended together.


A party of adventurers go down into Tiffany's and slaughter the hell out of invisible wizards. Gremlins run rampant in the camp outside Yam.

Some Stuff Happened

The party goes down into rose-marbled Tiffany's and finds some wizards. They venture beyond the iron doors, and Stanley Serpenthelm irresponsibly waves his medusa head around and turns two wizards to stone. Another wizard locks the party out using Wizard Lock on the door… except for Dalamyr, who is on his side of the door, and casts Hold Person on him and takes his down.

Some More Stuff Happened

Floria sees the fourth invisible wizard and tries to cast Web on him, but he dodges. The party takes him down anyway. They find a spellbook, a bunch of gems, and a metal chest that has a magic battle axe in it. The Nameless Fighter seizes it and keeps it away from other greedy party members, with a little help from the ever-useful Hold Person spell.

More Silliness

Stanley Serpenthelm grabs some gremlins and puts them in a sack. Then he tries to sell them in the slave market. After the slavers laugh at him, the gremlins get free and slay him. Ranndy grabs the medusa head, but she doesn't like him anymore than anybody else does, so they don't get along.

Total Losses/Loot

Two mercenaries died, and Stanley.

DM was Planet Algol.

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