99: Daring Adventures of the Delicious Dandy


1 October 2011 in the JJ Bean at Commercial and 6th.


Hugo the one-eyed fighter.
Paul the one-eyed cleric.
Graeme the yellowish dandy.
And some bricklayer hirelings.


Hugo and Graham outfit a party of adventurers to raid a dungeon and collect the reward placed on the goblins.

Session 98

You may have noticed there is no write-up for session 98? Yes, it has been lost to the sordid mists of time. There was a game, set in the terribly put-upon town of Ljornhafen, but no one ever put fingers to keyboard and all has been forgotten. Those mists are bad ass, lemme tell you!

Some Bricklayers Were Hired

After engaging in some philosophical arguments over why the town of Ljornhafen should hate music, Graeme the Yellowish Dandy managed to talk three bricklayers (Thorwood, Molok, and Yorn) into joining him in his adventures. The bricklayers were building a wall around the ruined tower, because the centaurs are tired of all the adventurers poking around.

Dungeon Delving

Our heroes explore the dungeon and find the goblins they killed last time and forgot about. A ghoul nearly gets the better of the party, but some luck and fast thinking gets them out of the dungeon with at least the PCs' hides intact.

Total Losses/Loot

Thorwood and Molok were killed. Graeme the Yellowish Dandy seduced Yorn, the impressionable young bricklaying lad, and turned him against his village's hatred of music. Yorn's father Zorn was thrilled at this occurrence and vowed to become Graeme the Yellowish Dandy's henchman.

DM was johnstone.

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