89: Dalamyr and the Underground Temple


09 Feb 2011 at The Grind.


Dalamyr the wise
Columbo the short
Griswald the other short
Lurtag the mercenary
Elghila the fighting man
Landertooth the sell sword
Arm the man at arms
and Yurna the torch bearer


A terse summary of the adventure, suitable for automatic inclusion on a list of session summaries.

The Derro and The Drow

It wold seem that our heroes have stumbled upon a conflict between Derro and Drow within the caverns below the church. The Derro were winning quite handily. In fact, the only living elf they found they killed last session.

More stuff happened but I need to get to bed.

Landertooth the sell sword was slain.

Priceless relics of Andraste.
Brass and Platinum Bracelets from Devil.
Jeweled Bracelet from Alcove.
1275 in Coin and assorted Loot.
Total Cash Value of 7125.
Each PC receives 2375 cash money.

1425xp for Enemies defeated.

Each PC receives 1554xp +/- any bonuses/penalties.

Magic Sword aka Andraste's Will, -2 against lawful +2 against evil.
Elven Anklets of…..rolling for it…..Set with Opal, these magical anklets allow the wearer to make great strides and leaps.

DM was Mxlplx

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