the Wise.

Dalamyr is a cleric, wet behind the ears and fresh out of the monasteries, where he learned very little of the faith, but lots about being cuffed upside the head for talking during sermons. He looks for the best in the world, but expects a clip around the ear, and almost seems happier when something goes wrong.

Of late, his survival has been mainly due to the magical Korite platemail and shield, but he's finding himself uncomfortable traipsing around in the trappings of another god. Much of his spare time is spent wracking his brain for what his instructors may have told him about survival vs. blasphemy.

Has a reputation as a rich adventurer in Vineyard, ever since he burnt down the Frog and Peach tavern and promised to rebuild it. All his carousing costs double in Vineyard.

Player JasonBaker
Class Cleric 5
Title Curate
Alignment Lawful
Religion Wisdom
Special Turn Undead, Languages (Common, Alignment), Cleric of Strixus (God of Wisdom)
Strength 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 14 (+1 vs. magic)
Dexterity 9
Constitution 9
Charisma 8 (-1 reaction, 3 retainers, 6 morale)
Armor Class -1 (1 w/o shield)
Hit Points 24
Points 16422 / 25000 (+5% bonus for wisdom)
Treasure 1377 GP

Equipment of note:
+1 shield, +1 plate (emblazoned with the holy owl) from Keep of Koralgesh, +1 Mace
Rope (50'), Torches (6), Flint+Tinder, Food, Oil flasks (7), Acid flasks (3), Holy Water (2), Thunderstone (blue), Scroll case (treasure map), Staff of Healing, Scroll (Light x1), Ring of Protection +1

Equipment of unknown function:
Ring (animal feeling)
Ring and chain of office

Significant events

Burning down the house

While carousing in Vineyard, Dalamyr managed to knock a lantern flying in to the collection of brandies, stored in uncommon glass bottles. The resulting conflagration utterly destroyed the Frog and Peach Tavern, but Dalamyr has staved off worse consequences by promising to assist in rebuilding it (1500 GP total cost).

Brash overconfidence

In the Desecrated Church, the party was beset by nine skeletons, and Dalamyr decided to hold off on turning them, to allow his fellow members the satisfaction and reward of crushing such puny foes. This abruptly turned to horror as two of their recent hirelings were brutally and swiftly slain by the skeletal hordes, revealing what an unwise decision this was. Shocked and chastened, Dalamyr has resolved to be much more prudent and safe in the future - for example, a foe that can be dispatched or neutralized should be at the first opportunity, even if it robs compatriots of experience.

A Divine Task

While in-between adventures in Threshold, Dalamyr came upon a "white tent revival" for another god's worshippers, and was suddenly struck by the holy might of Strixus, god of Wisdom. The village of Yew, long abandoned, but holding a run-down church of Strixus, must be rebuilt to further the glory of the owlish one. This command from his god burned in to his brain, and setting his will aflame, Dalamyr has begun tackling this lengthy task. Virtually all of the gold that he earns keeping the party alive, he pours in to the reconstruction efforts, to pay for supplies, craftsmen, and guardsmen alike.

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