Cult Documents

Documents seized from the Frog God cultists (translated from Chaotic by Yevgeni).

"Yevgeni: Your failure to secure the goblin tribe is troubling. We must find the dwarf hoard at once. I have the tribes under my sway… for now. But they will not attack without gold. Sincerely yours in Chaos, The Master."

"M: I regret to inform you that Obmi's excavations have uncovered neither the Key nor the dwarf hoard. I suspect the key remained in the church when the town was taken by the human army; it is likely there now. Please advise. All hail the Frog, ribbit &c, Y."

"Our man in town swears the key is not there. As for the hoard, Heimdall says it was never moved. Obmi cannot be trusted."

"Yevgeni: the Bugbears betrayed us and paid for it. So much for your goblin connections. The Master. p.s. I need a new torturer."

"Karazin: the marauders have stolen the relics and freed the Ophidian. The relics will return to us in time, but I require them sooner. Take this to town and attempt to recover them. I will seek the other."

"Yevgeni: Forgive my earlier insults. I spoke rashly, out of impatience. I am sending Karazin with reinforcements from the Barrow."

"Karazin: Our alliance with the Frog Cult has outlived its usefulness. Put this in Yevgeni's wine at your earliest opportunity. When it takes effect, bring him to the Pit. Kill any others. You are in command now. The Master."

"C. of L. 8,000gp priest."

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