Connor is a dwarf. His beard is as long as he is short.

Player grrraham
Class Dwarven Axemaster 3
Alignment Neutral
Special prematurely aged into an old decrepit man by a magic mirror
Strength 5 (-2)
Dexterity 4 (-2)
Constitution 13 (+1)
Intelligence 13 (+1)
Wisdom 4 (-2)
Charisma 10
Armor Class 4 (5 w/o shield)
Hit Points 22
Points 6375 / 8800
Treasure 5207GP

Equipment of note:
cleaver of culinary delight, +1 flaming bastard sword, ring of fire resistance

4 bottles of wine, shields and set of plate mail, crossbow with a case and 24 quarrels, a dagger, 6 flasks of oil, a hammer and 12 spikes, a tinderbox, 5 torches, a crowbar, 50' rope, a backpack and some rations, sack of gunpowder, magical mirror, flame chalk

Connor is earnest and eager and wants to help solve problems plaguing the region (goblins, undead, bandits, etc) and ultimately he dreams of establishing or reclaiming a dwarven fortress in the mountains around Threshold. Unfortunately, although hardy, he was never the strongest or spriest dwarf, a problem which was compounded by his being prematurely aged into an old man by a magic mirror in the tower of the stargazer. He may be, in many ways, not ideal adventuring material but he stubbornly makes a go of it anyway.
He has a fairly unremarkable drinking problem.

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