a plain and simple Hobbit who keeps disreputable company. His mother does not approve.

Player grrraham
Class Halfling
Title five seventhsling
Special Noseless, Blind in left eye (-2 ranged weapons), hates/terrified of ghosts, unable to feel happiness
Strength 13 (+1)
Intelligence 6 (-1)
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 18 (+3)
Constitution 18 (+3)
Charisma 10
Armor Class 0/-2/-7
Hit Points 34
Points 32035/32000xp
Treasure 18691gp

Columbo Bumble was a simple Hobbit with simple tastes and lowly ambitions until he started tagging along with some disreputable adventuring types. His mother does not approve. Griswald the midget is his younger step-brother. He has an increasingly obsessive obsession with magic swords.

Former member of Serpenthelm Adventuring Inc.
Leader of Columbo's Corsairs.
Member of Ballard's Bravo's.
Member of Heraphalmos' Heroes

Stahlkurtan the +5 defender bronze short sword
Ghoul Fucker the broken Ruby Pommelled Sword of +1 (+3 vs. undead)
Spear +1 of the smoke demon
Shield +1
Magician's Sword +2
Andraste's Will the longsword (+2 vs. evil, -2 vs. law)
sword of continuous light
plate mail armour
100ft of rope
mottled green bottle of viscous fluid found in toad temple
Signet ring with lion

Columbo has left 4500gp with the priests and clerics of the Iron House on the outskirts of YAM to pay in advance for a raise dead spell as well as an additional 2500gp to be given as a reward to whoever brings his body back, 1500gp to be paid upon delivery of the body and 1000gp to be paid upon its successful resurrection.

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