81: Citadel of Evil


8 December 2011 at Waves during a Meetup with the Vancouver Roleplayers Collective.

This session was played concurrently with session 80: Clan of the Cave Frog.

This adventure was based on Stuart Robertson's one-page dungeon Citadel of Evil.


Ranndy Serpenthelm, psychadelic warrior.
Mern the Blue, wizard artillerist.
Eltherian, pragmatic cleric.
Droppy, the Token Elf
A Nameless Thief
And a thief I mean locksmith who has a name that the DM can't remember because he didn't write any of this shit down.


Mern and Ranndy take a working vacation to the city of Ormok and team up with some other adventurers to do a favour for a pair of pitiful halflings. They venture into caves underneath an abandoned citadel next to the city walls and find it populated with monsters and cultists, just like every other hip, happening night spot in town.

Half a Quest

Arriving in Ormok, the party find the closest inn completely destroyed. Apparently, somebody left a door to the underground city unlocked! There is a hefty fine for doing such a thing. Luckily, they are approached by a pair of halflings, Ricardo and Suparis, who ask them for help in exchange for finding them a cheap inn to stay at. The party accepts.

Water Underground

The halflings show them a cave that they say leads to the abandoned citadel by the city gates (which lie at the top of the city). They say the citadel is not actually abandoned, but is really infested with monsters! Their two brothers went in and did not come out, and now they are worried.

Despite Ranndy's paranoid reservations about being ambushed by cave-dwelling halflings, the party enters the dank, dripping cave. The first passage to the left leads to a small grotto containing a shallow pool with a few coins in it and little else.

Yellow Fog and Swarms of Bugs

The next passage leads to a room where the floor is covered in yellowish, greasy fog. The token elf sneaks along the wall and discovers another small but very slippery cave past the fog which has a well in it. Past that, however, seems to be a pit full of warming insects. Giant crickets hop onto the elf's shins and he retreats.

The rest of the party creeps past the fog and then Ranndy uses his ring of telekinesis to send one of the halfling down the well, where he discover water. The party then hucks a molotov cocktail into the insect swarm, but it lands softly on the thick layer of living thing and goes out.


The Nameless Thief enters another passageway, only to find giant spiders. The party kills them quickly and discovers a halfling prisoner tied up in their webs, along with some coins and a magic spear. Past the spiders are slippery stone steps leading upwards to a solid brick wall. There seems to be no door, so the adventurers employ their maces and break through, revealing a stone hallway beyond.

Gettin' High

Before going up the stairs, Ranndy Serpenthelm goes back to check the cave full of fungus. After getting a mouthfull of spores he is high as a kite and Mern finds him crawling around in the yellow fog talking about how he's found a portal to another dimension.

The Crypt

Bones in wall niches. A puppet-man sweeps up. A statue comes to life. The party flees into a secret room that has a dead man, a desk, some valuable books, and some scrolls with spells on them that Mern took. The statue chases Ranndy around until Mern uses his wand of magic missiles to destroy it.


The party moves on to a stone spiral staircase. At the top, they find two goblins and a giant Chewbaca-like creature. Mern charms Chewbaca and Ranndy convinces the goblins he has broght sacrifices. The goblins lead them down a hallway, past jail cells containing a few paupers from Ormok, to where five cultists are performing a human sacrifice.

Cult Fight

The party fights the cultists. The cult leader dispels the charm on Chewbaca. A great slime emerges from a pit. Ranndy runs away, gripped by irrational, psychadelic fear. The party wins, and collects loot from the bejewelled cultists. They also find stairs leading up to the "abandonded" citadel, but hear the voices of many goblins, and decide to retreat.

DM wa johnstone.

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