08: Charmed and Dangerous

Real World Info

This session was played on June 20, 2009.

Featuring Twindle Dwelf (Jr.), Tyrel (Pthffft)nus(tweet)stle, big-rock plus the retainers Big Red, Chas Moustiques, K-k-k-ken and a berserker named Buzzard.


The party returns to the Caves of Chaos and use Charm spells to defeat the Kobolds, Bugbears and assemble a massive force for taking on "The Master".

I. Return of the Part-i

The party use the ogre's gold to outfit everyone in plate mail, buy lots of oil, and get good weapons. They return to the Kobold Kave and make short work of the remaining rats and kobolds guarding the entrance with a combination of flaming oil and good tactics.

When they advance into the complex, they are momentarily flanked by the Kobold King and his bodyguard, and Big Red falls to a crossbow bolt. The party quickly recovers, Tyrel charms the King, decimates a last, desperate Kobold charge, and it's over. Their new friend helpfully turns over all his treasure and talks the remaining kobolds into joining the party for a share of the loot, and the group settles down for a good night's sleep in the caves.

II. Getting to know you

The Kobold King gives them the lay of the land, pointing out several dangerous Orc lairs on the north side of the ravine, plus a "shunned cave" and a "cursed cave". He also mentions an ongoing feud between the goblins and hobgoblins. The party decide to explore a cave the kobolds don't know anything about.

Inside, they find a group of giant, hairy goblins sitting around a fire. Signs invite visitors to sign up with their group and enjoy a hot meal. The Kobold King is the only one naive enough to fall for the ruse (maybe due to the enchantment on him), so when the bugbears stab him in the eye with a skewer of meat and turn on the party, Twindle casts Sleep and the party kills them all quietly.

III. Charmed, I'm sure

They surprise the Bugbear King and his wife coming down a set of stairs and Tyrel uses his Charm spell again. The elf's first request is that the King prove his friendship by murdering his wife, and the party leaves the two of them fighting a desperate battle in the King's chambers.

The sounds of battle bring more bugbears, who are quickly killed or driven off by oil and swords. The party repeat their tactics at the kobold cave, recruit the King and his remaining followers into their group, and relieve them of their treasure without incident. They settle down for another nervous night's sleep.

IV. Slaying the slaves

They head into the dungeons, where they kill a pair of bugbear guards and find cells full of captives. They put the imprisoned monsters to death, but they free a maniacal, loin-cloth wearing fighter named Buzzard who joins their group.

V. Oil trap

The fighting at the bugbear and kobold caves have not gone unnoticed, and neither has the party's arrival at the ravine. During the night a patrol of orcs enter the bugbear cave and are driven away by Big Rock and the retainers. The party use a keg of oil to cover the entrance in case of a frontal assault, but morning comes without further incident. They saddle up and prepare to attack a high cave to the south, where "The Master", a shadowy figure alleged to control the orcs and hobgoblins, lives.

V. Total losses/loot

A dozen or more kobolds, including several lieutenants were killed. A similar number of bugbears and the horrendously tough Queen were killed or otherwise defeated. Big Red was the only party casualty, and they recovered at least two or three thousand gold pieces worth of coin, jewelry and gems, a Potion of Invisibility and two Healing Potions(?). They also found 6 arrows (though this might have been from the Ogre's cave) that turned out to be magic.

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