65: Caves of the Creepy Crab Crawlers

This session played Wednesday, 17 August 2011, at The Grind on Main Street.


Gamgar the Dwarf
Columbo the Halfling
Merrigold the Serpenthelm
Muncton the fighting-man
Brovius the thief
Tim-Tim the whatever he is.


Two expeditions into caves infested with crab-men reveals relatively few crab-men and ends in tragedy.

This adventure is from the first four collected Fight On! issues, but I haven't looked to see which one it is because I don't know if we're finished it yet.

Catching Crabs

Gamgar is approached by a crab fisher, who tells a tale of his village's women (and more importantly, their silver) being abducted by crab-men. Wondering why Dalamyr's Doomriders can't handle this, Gamgar nevertheless assembles a team of very brave (or very stupid) adventurers, and bids this crab-catcher to lead them to the mouth of the crab-men's cave.

Upon entry into the cave in question the group came across a rather large group of Cave Possums with twice the normally required number of legs for a possum to possess. Despite the extras legs they were the friendly non-vicious type of possum and happily ate lichen and paid little attention to the spelunking heroes.

Half-Assed Halflings

A little further into the cave the group came accross a group of friendly halflings. Armed, but friendly these halflings were quick to reveal the location of a large cache of gold and either a cursed sword or possibly an enchanted sword of some type. As halflings that live in a cave and eat a diet made up mostly of different preparations of eight legged possum have little use for gold and magic/cursed swords they were quick to share the location of the treasure and offered to show Gamgar and his companions the way.

The hobbits took the lead and started out toward the treasure. Despite the insistence from Merrigold that they stab the halflings in the back because worst case it was an obvious trap and best case they would have to share with the halflings the group decided to wait before making up their minds. Upon passing some rather large black mushrooms in the cave, Columbo's natural halfling curiosity kicked in and he tried to take a piece of the black mushroom, only to find out it wasn't a mushroom at all but an illusionary disguise, disguising another halfling, a way more evil looking one. In fact all of the halflings, save Colombo, started looking way more evil and somewhat cannibalistic. Fighting broke out and the halflings were outmatched until the arrival of a small red haired man in a green suit cast a spell on the party. A Leprechaun, the terror of the emerald isle, had joined the battle on the side of the halflings and put the majority of the party to sleep.

Some people fell asleep, while others were injured, but at the end of the fight the Leprechaun was dead (skewered on the end of Merrigold's swordpoint), as were most of the hobbits. The remaining Four surrendered to the might of Gamgar and Merrigold who at this point were the only conscious adventurers. Merrigold and Gamgar bound and then interrogated the prisoners. After getting some rather unsatisfactory information they euthanized the remaining prisoners with a combination of kicking and chopping them up with an axe. They then unbound the bodies and woke everyone else up. Everyone was well impressed with Gamgar and Merrigold and by the looks of the bodies it was a very intense battle indeed.

And then some other stuff happened and I went back to doing the work I should be doing right now.

Some stuff like:

Some zombies.

An upwards-flowing waterfall, with a putrescent giant frog that Merrigold killed in one fell swoop.

Actually finding some crab-men and a crab-man-eating giant who was kind enough not to bother the adventurers when they offered to bring him more crabs.

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