101: Bonspiel and the Lair of the Shadow


31 March 2014 at Kafka's.


Bonspiel - Ecclesiastic of Kor, Champion of Whichever Values Kor Prefers, hated by miners but also hated by mining overseers.
Tommy Knocker Jazzhands - Two Handed Tinker Extraordinaire, Ambidextrous which is helpful whilst using both hands at the same time.
13 - Above average in almost all respects, save for his off putting personality and some would say below average intelligence.
Willingham Serpenthelm - Some say cautious, some say cowardly, he says pragmatic, noone has seen him outright steal anything so that's good for a Serpenthrelm, slightly more off putting than 13.

Four Travelers Walk into a Bar

Our four travelers meet in the town of Affeldeen? Though they found their way to this town by different means and for different reasons they have all decided to band together to fight for justice and goodliness. Or perhaps not. Its possible three of them followed a cleric with the intent of robbing him only to find out he keeps all his money in a bank in some other town. What a dick. After having traveled as far as they did some are at least interested in making some money to pay off some rather ridiculous gambling debts. Ths cleric seems to be the only one around with the sort of get rich quick potential they crave.

A Cursed Mine to the North

"An Empire Runs on Tin"
-Noone, Ever

Bonspiel leads his party to a mine in the north, supposedly cursed. There seem to be a series of knife based stabbings which may or may have something to do with a curse, some rubies or potentially an unearthed, moderately evil looking temple. Or maybe, just maybe all three. One man was stabbed outside of the mine whilst two more were stabbed inside the mine. Many times by what some might describe as knife sized wounds. Also the people whom were stabbed, died of their wounds.

After Bonspiel alienates all the miners and Willingham makes a shitty deal with the Governor the adventurers e

Oh, To be completed at a later time.

Total Losses/Loot

The thief lost an arm and an eye. Pretty careless if you ask me.

DM was johnstone.

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